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Ride on your Success quotient with Reports & Data!

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ride on your success quotient

According to Jeff Weiner, American businessman and CEO of LinkedIn, “Data really powers everything that we do.” To create value and have a competitive advantage, data aids – in unabridged decision making. The impasse to take quality decisions many times is attributed to the absence of relevant reports or data. After all, actionable reports help the decision-maker to predict trends, strategize for increasing the profit graph of an organization and arrive at accurate assessments.

Why to Bank on Reports and Data?

The availability of reports or data helps the decision-makers to measure performances, and have a clear understanding of their businesses – which directly translates into improved decision making with the acquired knowledge of the available stats. In the absence of solid and concrete data, resorting to bandying alone can adversely affect the potential of an organization. With relevant data for you to access, it gets easier to find the bottlenecks hindering your climb of the success ladder and thereby take necessary actions.

The affluence of good decisions can be achieved with a data-driven approach. For instance, the business revolution of ‘Big Data, which is not arcane anymore to the business leaders is curtailing deterrents and is ushering measurable increase in businesses.

Don’t believe us? According to, “The Economist Intelligence Unit” which surveyed over 600 business leaders, across the globe and industry sectors about the use of Big Data in their organizations, almost everyone confirmed their growing appetite for data and data-driven decisions. As highlighted by most of the leaders, if you harness the data correctly and you can always stay ahead in the game.

In the pursuit of improved performance assessing the shortcomings and tailoring business functions to suit the requirements is fundamental. The guiding principles for it are clarity and simplicity. Strategic data here plays a key role in bringing to the fore accurate decisions by the decision-makers. It is instrumental to have actionable statistics at hand for strategizing the business requirements. The data also brings in the much-needed transparency into the system, alienating any untoward resistance to any change being introduced into the organization.

Have you ever thought about the consequences of having trouble accessing reports or data of the employees of your organization? Or for instance, about the repercussions of the decisions taken on a report without effectively sieved data?  Evidently, poor data quality will have an adverse effect on the operational efficiency of an organization. An invalidated data entry calls for wasted time and resources. Data in a corporate space is always on the move and is susceptible to be missed out on inflicting the business insights. If the data is not accurate it will torrent across all the probable arenas and affect effective reports being generated. To avoid the pitfalls of erroneous data, data loss and cost of data recovery introducing an effective data management solution with the capability of generating actionable reports will be a blessing. With PeopleWorks, scattered data is not just streamlined but is also fed into various relevant people management reports to be accessed effortlessly by the users.

 With our PeopleWorks talent management solution, data can be keyed in by the employees for certain key fields and thereby assimilated by HR for further verification and necessary edits to ensure data is not just correct but updated. With this decisions can be carefully orchestrated if the data is accurate and validated. Assuring confidentiality, PeopleWorks can vehemently help you to simplify the critical data and bestow your organization with accurate records and reliable reports, which you may count on. Facilitating the optimal strategic planning for your workforce comes easy with PeopleWorks Talent Management Solution!

The Magic wand of PeopleWorks!

Readily available actionable reports can unclog barriers to faster decision-making. With 80+ reports to assist decision-makers across the Management hierarchy, PeopleWorks Talent Management Solution sets up the stage for faster decision making. The on-cloud availability of PeopleWorks entails CxO’s and Managers, anytime and anywhere availability of an array of critical metrics, for instance – attendance, leaves, employee queries, recruitment, training, compensation as well as attrition at one place! Add to these reports, PeopleWorks has mapped a unique CxO Dashboard, that allows CxO’s to generate a workforce report card that contains valuable insight of the entire workforce on his screen for quick review.

In a nutshell, the reports management system of PeopleWorks is built on an integrated analytics approach to help you:

  • Have access to Data anytime for faster analysis and clear decision making
  • Make necessary adjustments to the organization’s people management working as per Business Strategy
  • Save considerable time and effort with readily available data for analysis
  • Efficient employee data management and updation to ensure error-free reports.

Do not let vehement oratory blind you in taking critical decisions, be future-ready and back business decisions with accurate reports at your fingertips with PeopleWorks – Talent Management Solution!

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