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Reporting the metrics of Growth

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reporting the growth metrics

Competition leads to cost cutting or resource optimization. Practical examples prove that such optimization or re-alignment is the result of careful strategy. However, before strategizing for your business have you ever considered measuring your Human Capital? In business, there’s a saying that you cannot realize the growth of anything unless it is originally measured. So measuring human capital is not just maintaining a database for keeping track of all employee details.

Actionable Statistics with detailed reports on employee productivity, attendance, payroll, attrition and many other topics would help in measuring the actual potential of your workforce. Moreover, if all such metrics are visually represented as a dashboard, globally accessible to decision makers wouldn’t it polish that optimization strategy of your’s?

PeopleWorks fits into exactly that block of the puzzle. We help you choose what you need from the 80+ Reports and the unique CxO Dashboard built for the busy C-Level executives for whom time translates into money. Never again would feel the lack of Employee Data without feeling the pinch of Employee Data Management. Being a cloud solution delivered over Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model of subscription, you just use it like the telephone or courier service. Bypass the hassles of maintaining On-Premise HRM solutions and stay ever ready for meetings with up-to-date reporting metrics available at the click of a button.

The PeopleWorks reporting functionality is built on an integrated analytics approach. It not only provides you with data you wish to analyze but also provides you with options to act on it immediately and make appropriate adjustments within the system. The reports generated include all the primary topics of Human Resource Management, like:

  • Attendance & Leaves
  • Employee Query & Grievance
  • Recruitment & Training
  • Compensation & benefits
  • Attrition

PeopleWorks would totally transform the way you manage your Human Resource. By letting your HR staff reduce time-spent on non-value adding jobs and reducing your operational dependency on Paper, our solutions truly helps you achieve growth uninterrupted.
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