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PeopleWorks Sets The Benchmark For User Experience

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people works sets the benchmark for user

A looming talent shortage and a young changing workforce are the two main challenges facing HR Managers today. A scarcity of talented workforce means market opportunities are lost and strategic growth plans have to be put on hold.

For many of today’s technology-savvy employees, being on Facebook, using Google and Twitter is second nature. So they expect and demand similar compelling experiences from HR functions. User experience is today the number one competitive differentiator in HR functions.
User experience is today the number one competitive differentiator in HR functions
Understanding these expectations and perceptions, PeopleWorks HCM software with its unique user experience features, provides a consumer-like experience, where employees can choose how and when to engage, the time and place and also the channel to interact with.

PeopleWorks’ software offering new-age user experience, gives today’s always-connected workforce the satisfaction of being part of a connected organization.  When employees are enthusiastic and rewarded with engaging experiences, HR managers can retain skilled and talented employees.
The main reason HR managers choose new HCM systems today is to improve the user experience. A system that is easy to use and engaging,  increases user adoption, thereby achieving a better return on investment for both the organization and employee.
How does PeopleWorks HCM software with its new-age user experience feature outshine its competitors?

  • Gives employees a simple and delightful consumer-like experience, just as they would when shopping for a product
  • Allow employees their individuality yet provide seamless interaction with colleagues and managers
  • Fast and simple socially enabled solutions offering 24/7 access and on multiple devices
  • A collaborative user experience leading to better adoption of HR resources

To succeed today, it is imperative for HR managers and leaders to develop strategies to retain their top talent.  Many are moving away from cost reduction to building simple, agile and collaborative employee experiences.

PeopleWorks is a complete cloud-based HCM that streamlines HR process through automation. Winner of several awards for enhanced employee experience software, PeopleWorks HCM is the new age HCM to manage new age workforce. To know more, visit

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