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Optimising Recruitment for an Evergreen Future

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optimizing recruitment

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The Proof Is In the Pudding
Hiring is a serious business for companies and it goes without saying that an employer must be doubly careful before hiring. Recruiting a candidate is profitable only when it is the right choice. Hence, it is imperative to step beyond receipt of résumé and multiple rounds of interviewing. It’s crucial to verify the candidate’s background and in full detail. Background screening will also endorse the following

  • Confirmation of educational qualifications
  • Address proof
  • Identity proof
  • Criminal Record Clearance
  • Previous employment and performance
  • Credentials and Credit Order
  • Integrity of the job applicant

Haste Makes Waste
Screening and verifying candidates at résumé value can eliminate fraudulent applicants and filter misrepresentation of information. Employers can gain confidence regarding,

  • Employee qualifications being up to the mark
  • Employee work ethics and habits in a synergy with the organization’s
  • Employee’s ability to blend in with the general harmony and culture of the organization
  • Clear understanding of expectations and agreement on the same to avoid poor morale and low productivity in the future

Simultaneously, employers and organizations are increasingly facing the following issues which are extremely avoidable and can prove costly:

  • Claims of negligent hiring and retention by employees can become huge legal liabilities
  • Intellectual property thefts and risk of trade secrets being stolen
  • Risk of workplace violence due to lacking pre employment checks
  • In house thefts of goods, stationary, material etc. can be a real irritant and bleed costs
  • Employees can turn on a dime and file multimillion dollar lawsuits. This has become a big fear amongst large scale organizations.

Rather than warning an employee to shape up or ship out, which leaves an unnecessary bad feeling on both sides, it is better to follow certain preemptive measures like getting candidate verification before making a recruiting decision.
Usually, small businesses may find it difficult to do all the verification in house, as it is not cost effective. So they hire outside agencies to perform this function for them as it saves time and money.

A Stitch In Time Saves Nine
PeopleWorks optimizes recruitment management processes to attract the best talent as well as cut costs. PeopleWorks effectively implements a paperless recruitment process which reduces the cost to hire and prevents a primary growth challenge faced by HR all across the world.

PeopleWorks is a cloud-based employee lifecycle management solution with interlinked modules to automatically process every aspect of an employee’s life from hire to retire. The recruitment or “Attract” module in PeopleWorks, increases your HR staff productivity by automating, digitizing and optimizing the following aspects of the recruitment process :

Assessment: Initial screening of the candidates.

Selection: Shortlisting the candidates who meet the job role and criteria.

Electronic Document Submission: All employee documents can be digitally uploaded to save time and effort so there isn’t any need for HR to store and transcribe it.

Single Window Tracking of All Ongoing Recruitments: Tracking the final recruitment status of every candidate with single click action items to facilitate their smooth induction into the workforce. Companies can also alert verification agency to begin the verification process and who can report back their observations which then can be included in the prospective employee’s e-dossier.

With PeopleWorks’ streamlining features, you organization has a better scope to screen, check, ascertain and manage candidate more efficiently, and all this without missing even a single step.
Keep your data, employees and organization safe with PeopleWorks.

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