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Managing the Mobile Workforce

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Managing the Mobile Workforce

Cut-throat competition in today’s business scenario and modern technology has transformed the way businesses leveraged their Human Capital. Most essentially it has decentralized the term office as many employees are nowadays working from remote offices located where they need it to be or the job demands them to be.
The International Data Corporation (IDC) has estimated the global mobile worker population to reach about 1.19 billion in 2013. With 34.9% of the global workforce going mobile, employers across the globe are unlocking the true potential of their human capital. However, such trends also pose great challenges for the business in terms of Human Resource Management.

Challenges in managing a scattered workforce

Apart from the costly logistics of travelling to and from between various offices or stationing an HR representative at each of the branch offices, the primary challenges in managing the mobile workforce lie in –

  • Attendance Tracking – Collating and organizing the data gathered by either manual or bio-metric attendance systems from all branch offices to ensure error-free payroll processing
  • Leave Management & Query Redressal – Employee grievance redressal or an employee’s time-off discussion, done over the telephone without a proper workflow in place
  • Performance Tracking – Keeping a tab on how productive every individual member of the workforce is, identifying his/her strength & weaknesses with suitable training to plug in the gap
  • Recruitment & On-boarding – Identifying & filling the departmental HR requirements along with managing all employee data
  • Employee Connect – Connecting all employees on a single platform to fulfill all legal & statutory compliance & employee engagement needs

Fighting fire with fire
It is technology which has facilitated the smooth functioning of the geographically scattered workforce. Thus instead of finding manual or strategic solutions for the problems, decision makers should leverage technology itself.
Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) have the inherent functionalities to address the above-mentioned challenges. However, the high initial investment and maintenance costs associated with such solutions had so far made it difficult for small & medium scale businesses to adopt such technology.
PeopleWorks is an HRMS/HRIS which utilizes Cloud technology on the SaaS (Software as a Service) delivery model to bring down the cost factor associated with such solutions. The challenges faced in managing the mobile workforce would be taken care of in the following ways –

  • Attendance Tracking – Bio-metric attendance system records the first and last swipe of the employee, to calculate his/her working hours and automatically feeds it into the PeopleWorks solution for report generation & payroll processing
  • Leave Management & Query Redressal – All leave requests & approvals and employee queries can be generated and redressed from anywhere on the globe
  • Performance Tracking – Customizable Key Performance Indicators and many such criteria which help in quantifying actual employee performance into actionable metrics for appraisal
  • Recruitment & Onboarding – Identifying, tracking and recruiting new talent to meet departmental requirements without physically visiting each office or talking to every manager/team lead
  • Employee Connect – An online database of all employees with features for hosting surveys, broadcasting company policy & updates, newsletters and the like

With its role-based user access and module wise handling of every aspect of an employee’s lifecycle in an enterprise, PeopleWorks would optimize your Human Capital Management for a higher ROI and lower Employee turnover.
With even an iOS and android PeopleWorks app, your employees would always be connected to work irrespective of where they are on the globe.
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