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Managing Queries without any worries

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Managing Queries without any worries

According to a Hay Group study covering 700 million employees in 19 countries, Attrition rate in India is expected to reach 26.9% in 2013. With 55% of the Indian respondents being unhappy about how their compensation related queries are answered or grievances are resolved – Employee Query Management Systems (EQMS) are becoming the benchmark of a successful business.

To optimize man hours spent in non-value adding query resolutions and managing employee motivation through quick grievance redressal, companies are opting for Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) with integrated EQMS support. However, before choosing an HR Management tool the decision makers should evaluate its Query Management features based on the following criteria:

  • Quick & global access
  • Automated workflows
  • Digitized record keeping & statistics
  • Minimalist user interface
  • Query Analysis & Resolution timeline

PeopleWorks is a cloud-based employee lifecycle management solution which manages all aspects of an employee’s life from hire to retire. The unique characteristics which make its Query Management feature truly effective and all-inclusive are:

  • Quick & global access – Whether the employee is at a branch office or home, he or she can raise, reply, modify and delete a query/grievance – track it & even get a solution while being connected to his employer by only an internet connection.
  • Automated workflows & profiling – Queries are profiled based on type of issue and the concerned department. Only the concerned people are automatically notified about the status of a particular query logged & processed.
  • Digitized record keeping & statistics – The entire process of Employee Data Management is digitized because Manual paper-based entry or verbal communications over a query – wastes time, lacks transparency, poses storage problems and doesn’t provide query statistics.
  • Minimalist user interface – Ideally, the process of logging a query should not be so complicated that it generates one more query in the user’s mind. With a minimalist UI design, our solution is very user friendly yet detailed enough to include all related information.
  • Query Analysis & Resolution timeline – Identifying issues which are trending in the Query Management System helps you take better informed decisions while answering a query or resolving a grievance. The resolution timeline also helps you gauge how effective and prompt your enterprise is in solving problems.

PeopleWorks would totally transform the way you manage your Human Resource. By letting your HR staffs reduce time-spent on non-value adding jobs, promoting Employee Self Service and reducing your operational dependency on Paper, our solutions help you achieve growth uninterrupted.
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