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Lets Join The Dots And Encourage Seamless Integration

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Encourage Seamless Integration

“Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit” – Conrad Hilton
Business proliferation encompasses movement, action and connectivity. Weave these Geographic Location HRMSthree important words together with “growth”, and expansion happens. In the context of geographical expansion, for any company, growth and its effects on manpower are not easy to contend with. Often when companies expand with a spurt or trickle into multiple locations, they may not be adequately prepared for the challenges that such an augmentation invites. Managing business dispersion across different tier locations presents fresh sets of unique issues.

Challenges of Human Capital Management in Location Dispersion

Team Connect is Harder

Team connects is less cohesive. Employees may never get familiar, leading to an us-versus-them lockdown between locations. Team collaboration is harder when employees are based in remote locations
Next-to-nil employee engagement results in low employee morale and high attrition.

Data Management is unsystematic

The primary business domain may not be able to maintain effusive intra organizational communication regarding company policy/events/compliance. The absence of on-the-fly availability of employee data could result in high manual intervention, hence loss of time and productivity.

Multiple HR operations exist simultaneously owing to multiple sites, thus allowing for a discrepancy in headcount tally from each region. Work Shift Management & Holiday Calendar across the regional spread will require a unified platform for engagement and conservation. Individual employee information in the form of spreadsheets can render EDM uninteresting and laborious, without a point for quick reference.

HR can struggle to provide individual and independent management of employees based on their work-shift, role, band, process, division, location etc. Rapid growth can lead to rapid chaotic recruitment and without an HRMS in place, employee data can be leaked or mismanaged. Overall data security becomes a big concern
Payroll and Leave Management is not synchronized with employee data
In the absence of an automated system, Employee Leave Management, Attendance and Leave Tracking can lose the precision it requires manual, payroll processing can escalate paperwork.

Dig deeper to flow smoothly. Automate your HR processes before (or after) planning Location Diversification. Implement PeopleWorks HRMS across all sites today.

Adopt innovative technology to liberate your HRM from rigorous and tedious manual processes. This fully configurable and scalable cloud-based model can help you seamlessly integrate your existing HR platform and automate it while improving efficiency and competitiveness. Another advantage of cloud-based solutions like PeopleWorks is that by providing an Employee Lifecycle Management platform to your employee, it reduces the employee’s dependency on HR for mundane tasks like Leave Management, Query, Basic Detail updates etc., leaving the HR with more time to enhance and optimize their productivity.

Also, with all system upgrades done online, PeopleWorks also ensures your workflow is up & running, thus unaffected by any system downtime. An end-to-end integrated HR Lifecycle Management platform like PeopleWorks can save thousands of man-hours a year. By fully automating your HR process, we ensure that you save over 50% of your HR executives’ time.

So let spanning across multiple locations not become a loophole, but a sustainable tapestry weaving your employee information into one aesthetic data landscape. Collaborative success eloquently described by Rainer Maria Rilke,
“Destiny itself is like a wonderful wide tapestry in which every thread is guided by an unspeakably tender hand, placed beside another thread and held and carried by a hundred others”

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