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Leave Management – The Manager’s horns of dilemma

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Leave Management

Even at school, we knew that too much work makes Jack a dull boy. At the office, however, the equation changed. Leaves became a dreaded term. The problems compounded if you were responsible for the productivity of a team of individuals and yet they needed time-off to rejuvenate. For such leaders, Leave approvals would call for a sense of judgment without a strong basis for his/her decision.

The Dark Cloud of Absenteeism
The cost of absenteeism is greater than the direct payment of wages and benefits paid during the absence. Organizations must also consider the indirect costs of staffing, scheduling, re-training, lost productivity, diminished morale, turnover, and opportunity cost. The direct cost of absence is often recorded and reported in annual surveys. But the indirect cost is rarely tracked or reported. Many organizations allocate 3% of their labor budget for absenteeism based on an average of eight (8) working days missed per employee annually. Though the rate of absenteeism varies by industry, division and department, worldwide research reveals few insights into the threat potential of absenteeism. The Kronos Global Absence Survey Report 2013, reveals that such Indirect cost yet can exceed the direct costs by as much as 200 percent. The survey also says that India ranks second with 62% of workers who admit calling in sick every year.

In spite of such glaring figures, most Indian SMB’s do not even track employee absence, let alone manage it effectively. In most enterprises, the line managers and the HR staff are responsible for Absence management. There still remains the need for an organization-wide data which paints the complete picture to the senior management. This is due to the fact that in spite of attendance data being tracked either manually or bio-metrically, there is no automation to save time or analytics to refine the company’s HR strategy. Moreover, with no direct RoI and the previously high cost of Leave Management Systems, employers either overlooked the need for absent management or left it to their HR staff to work upon it.

The brighter Cloud
With technological advancements like SaaS and Cloud optimizing such costs by as much as 60%, employers are slowly but surely opting for paperless, effective solutions that reduce or eliminate the margin of error in leave benefits calculations. With the reduced cost and time of deployment for the modern Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) and the quickly visible results, organizations are rethinking their strategy in tracking leave and absence data. However, finding the right leave management system for an organization could be a difficult as every organization has a different leave policy, and heavy customization would be required to get the right product, not an easy thing in the SaaS model.

PeopleWorks is a cloud-based employee lifecycle management solution which manages all aspects of an employee’s life from hire to retire. With its integrated Leave Management feature helps both employers and employees are able to –

  • Apply/Approve/Modify/Withdraw different kinds of leaves like Casual/Earned/Medical/Maternity/Compensatory with just an internet enabled device like a desktop, laptop, tablet or a smartphone.
  • Track the status of Leave requests at the click of a button
  • Track the employee leave statistics and trends from the customizable reports generation feature to refine the company’s HR strategy
  • Manage Leave Encashment and planning time-off with easy access to leave summary
  • Managing attrition & employee motivation due to leave related employee grievances
  • Reduce overhead costs on paper and loss of the HR staff’s productive hours to manage leave benefits calculations
  • Automated workflows and notifications to reduce dependency on HR for leaves by implementing Employee Self Service

PeopleWorks would totally transform the way you manage your Human Resource. By letting your HR staffs reduce time-spent on non-value adding jobs, promoting Employee Self Service and reducing your operational dependency on Paper, our solutions help you achieve growth uninterrupted.
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