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Leave Management Solution – Do not leave it!

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leave management solution

Ramesh works as an Analyst in a technology company. His brother Suresh works as a Sales Manager in a Pharma company. One Friday morning, they got a call from their family that their father was critically ill and they needed to fly back home. Immediately, they both applied for leave.
Ramesh sent a mail to his Project Manager and HR manager requesting for leave. Unfortunately, his request remained pending because the HR manager was on leave and would return only after the weekend. Ramesh was in a quandary.

On the other hand, Suresh company had an automated Leave Management System. He was on field, so he quickly logged into his app and clicked a leave request. The request quickly went thru its automated approval process and in less than a minute, his leave was approved. On mobile!
Gone are the days of mailing leave requests. Businesses are now agile, flexible and mobile; So are their internal processes. It’s what keep them ahead of the competitive environment and talent management challenges. Whatever be the size or segment of a business, they have to switch to automation at workplace to match the employee expectations and overall experience.

 Simplifying the Leave Management Process

The HR department needs a simplified Leave Management module to calculate employee absences and leave accruals to process payroll data accurately. Also, project schedule and delivery have to be planned keeping in mind the leave days of team members. What are the features of a good Leave Management solution?

  • Simplicity of use – A no-fuss simple solution to manage employee leave and attendance. The solution must make it easy for employees to use across all levels.
  • Online solution for improved accessibility – Whether an employee is on business travel or on field, whether HR is sitting at the Corporate office or in the factory, an online solution crunches down physical limitations of transaction.
  • Manage leave requests and approvals instantly – No more waiting for approvals and informing several people of an applied leave. Instant approvals and notifications for today’s Gen Y workforce.
  • Holidays calendar – Define leave types and customise department wise leave calendar. Leaves can also be configured based on location.
  • Detailed leave reports – Detailed Leave reports of employees, individually or based on predefined filters – locations wise or department wise. All available at a click.
  • Integration with Payroll – Employee absences and leave accruals can directly be sent to payroll module for accurate monthly payroll calculation.
  • Configurability to suit your business – Employees can access the company’s leave policy online. HR managers can customise the leave policy such as accruals, encashment policy, pro-rata parameter and role wise leave eligibility.
  • Mobility solution – A must-have in today’s mobile-first workforce. Dispersed, traveling or on-field employees can still apply and avail their leaves, and approve leaves of their team members – on the go!

PeopleWorks Leave Management Solution helps you automate and simplify your Leave Management System, by offering a cloud-based solution. The highly modular feature allows you to configure the solution to suit businesses of any size and type. With inbuilt localized HR statues pertaining to Employee Leave regulations, PeopleWorks HCM solution is your best and quickest answer to managing employee leaves in your organization.
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