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In The Company of Ethos

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8853707_mEthics is associated with a Greek-rooted word, ethos. Loosely translated, it is a reference to issues surrounding the character, customs, and matters of behavior. Occasionally, morality is used to describe how people act, while ethics is used to define the study of behavior standards, specific rules of right and wrong

Satisfactory job performance goes against a noble work ethic. Poor job performance goes against a generous welfare ethic – Bauvard

In the workplace, both the employee and the business need to be ethical. Small & medium businesses or SME’s need to integrate reliability into their work system, by consistently setting examples with their performance and dedication towards their product and buyers. The principle of good and ethical practices is developed over a period of time to win the trust and confidence of customers and prospects. A company, therefore, needs to be ethically responsible from the conception level. It is imperative to create and enforce a code of conduct that ensures employees treat customers fairly. This requires transparency across the entire tapestry of the organization. The greater the lucidity in adherence and regulation of policies, the more relaxed the workplace atmosphere becomes. Independence in responsible behavior assures the management of optimized work outputs from employees and teams.

This builds an internal ethical morality which translates to effective profitability, as goodwill is generated amongst customers. Small businesses can set expectations from their workforce. They can formulate a code of ethics which details the organization’s business mission, as well as outlines proper employee behavior. This gives out a strong message about leading and being a part of a responsible organization.

Another way of setting precedent for an ethical organization is supporting the community around. Assisting causes either related or unrelated to your product can bolster the impact within and outside the organization. Kindness and lifting morale of others is a humane practice and it endorses certain moral grounds for businesses and their presence as a brand.

Perhaps the most important ingredient of ethical behavior is leading by example. Leaders of businesses and companies need to exhibit balanced and respectable behavior and work practices. This inspires employees and they can constantly remodel their own personal and performance ethics. Unequivocally, this attitude coalesces into a successful business and working environment.

For management and leadership to be a tower of strength, a streamlined work approach becomes the essential pillar of support. PeopleWorks has understood the need to automate an organization’s processes and assimilate the employee lifecycle management challenges under one umbrella, to produce a stress free operation for HR and management of any organization. The Human Capital Management flow is creatively tackled in PeopleWorks’ product suite, starting from PeopleWorks-My World, to their Reporting Functionality, which is built on an integrated analytics approach. It is a cloud-based application which is intuitive, available anytime, anywhere with a single click. Your company policies, regulations etc. are available in an all-time access portal. Queries are managed and attended to online and there is complete transparency of data between the employee, HR, RO and Team Lead. PeopleWorks boosts Employee Connect and encourages cohesive company behavior. It is highly effective in homogenizing an organization’s ethical and moral conduct.

In the words of William S. Burroughs, “If you build a good name, eventually, that name will be its own currency.”
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