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Implementing the HR Revolution

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Implementing the HR Revolution

Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) are becoming standard for successful businesses worldwide to survive today’s competitive business environment. However, in many cases there is a great disparity between the promises made by the HRMS vendor and what’s delivered. If not done right, this transition in existing workflows & practices, attracts more criticism, causes more complications and depreciates the value-proposition of every HRMS.
Thus while choosing an HR Management tool, decision makers should evaluate its Ease of Implementation based on the following criteria:

  • Duration of implementation
  • Cost of implementation
  • Pre-implementation data analysis
  • Co-ordination in Data Transfer
  • Best Practices consulting

PeopleWorks is a cloud-based Employee Lifecycle Management solution which manages all aspects of an employee’s life from hire to retire. The features characterizing PeopleWorks for its quick yet successful Implementation are:

  • Duration of Implementation – The HRMS hosting server being located away from the client site, drastically reduces the implementing time. There is no travelling involved for the Implementation Team as everything is done over the internet.
  • Cost of Implementation – Based on a SaaS delivery model and being available on Cloud, it needs much lesser initial investment and no maintenance costs as compared to On-Premise HRMS, which need elaborate server hardware and maintenance personnel. Overhead costs are bare minimum with the two sides coordinating over the phone or internet as physical travel is bypassed.
  • Pre-implementation Data Analysis – A detailed Scope of Identification document is prepared to manage the format in which data is digitized from manual EDM processes or transferred from existing HRM setups.
  • Co-ordination in Data Transfer – A dedicated team of full time resources co-ordinate with your HR department to develop the most comprehensive yet easily implementable employee database and other miscellaneous HRMS pre-requisites.
  • Best Practices Consulting – Our implementation team does not only implement the Cloud solution, but also advises you on the best practices of HRMS usage.

PeopleWorks would totally transform the way you manage your Human Resource. By letting your HR staffs reduce time-spent on non-value adding jobs, promoting Employee Self Service and reducing your operational dependency on Paper, our solutions help you achieve growth uninterrupted.
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