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HRMS: Five Myths decoded

By August 12, 2015 One Comment
HRMS five myths decoded


Human Resource Management Systems or an HRMS software aims at integrating, managing and automating several routing HR processes in an organisation. The software can perform a variety of functions such as:

  1. Recruitment And Onboarding
  2. Leave & Attendance Tracking
  3. Payroll & Benefits Administration
  4. Performance Evaluation
  5. Learning & Development Administration

And much more.


Although the HRMS software offers a plethora of benefits, several businesses and organisations are still hesitant to invest in a robust HRMS system.

Many organisations prefer manually performing HR tasks over the new era of automation. Why’s that?

Because of the several myths related to the HRMS systems that are afloat in the industry.

In this article, We’ve decoded 5 myths related to the HRMS software that will help organisations and companies realise the potential and benefits of this system.


Myth #1: HRMS Software Is Expensive

Today’s businesses need to update themselves technologically constantly. They need to invest in HR automation that speeds up the HR workflow within the organisation. Investing in HRMS software is the most suitable way of doing so as it aims to streamline the HR processes, reduce manual labour, and save time and cut expenses. 

Today, with a plethora of HR software solutions readily available in the market, companies can easily invest in affordable and top-quality HRMS solutions that are inexpensive and are equipped with intelligent and advanced HR features that are scalable with time and perfectly align with the company’s HR needs and requirements.

PeopleWorks HRMS software is the perfect fit for every business as it’s easily affordable, scalable and customisable as per the HR needs of the company.


Myth #2: Small Businesses Do Not Require HRMS Systems

This is a Myth! Every business, irrespective of its size, requires an HRMS system. HRMS software proves to be an intelligent tool that can seamlessly manage all organisations, big or small. Small businesses are growing businesses. This is why they need to invest in smart HR solutions that automate their HR workflow and operations, making their business scalable and highly adaptable to all future changes and updates.


Myth #3:HRMS Software Only Covers Specific HR Processes 

It is wrongly believed that HRMS software only covers specific HR tasks. An HR system is strategically designed for including all significant and daily HR tasks like:

a.Recruitment & Onboarding Processes

  1. Attendance & Leave Management
  2. Payroll Management and Salary Slip Generation
  3. Employee Management

E.Talent Management

 And much more.

PeopleWorks HRMS Software offers an innovative and friendly user interface and round the clock assistance and automation of the entire HR processes and operations of an organisation. 


Myth #4: Smoothly running an HRMS Software Requires Technical Expertise

Organisations do not need advanced technical expertise for running HRMS Software. The software is simple and comes with a user-friendly interface with an eBay operating language.

PeopleWorks HRMS software automates the entire HR process of organisations. It comes with a user-friendly customer interface along with round the clock assistance for helping the HR team clearly understand the software’s workings.

The software solutions are also customisable as per company needs. This means that the HR department is well aware of the various features and functions of the software.


Myth #5: HR Software Reduces Interaction Between The HR Team And Employees

HRMS software never breaks any interaction between the HR team and employees. The system only aims at strengthening and simplifying the relationship between the HR team and employees. The software assists HR in systematically monitoring employee performances and also offers a centralised cloud-based database for storing all vital employee information like contact details, birthdates, etc. That the HR team can easily access whenever needed. 

Further, employees benefit from the software. Via its innovative payroll features, employees can check the payroll process from anywhere and check their work performance, overtime list, track attendance, apply for leaves and more.

Both teams can be equally productive, transparent and honest with each other, thereby improving organisational productivity.

HRMS software is a must for a healthy and productive work background!


PeopleWorks HRMS Software is here to simplify your organisation’s HR tasks.

Automation, affordability and high customisable is what best describes PeopleWorks HRMS software solutions. Robust and detailed software that focuses on automating every hr process of your organisation, increasing organisational productivity, and offering a healthy and stable work environment filled with honest and transparent communication.

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