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HR Trends to Foresee in 2017

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HR Trends to Foresee in 2017

With the advancement of technology, there has been a massive transformation in Human Resource Management in the recent years. Although the concept of managing people has existed since prehistoric times, it is only in the recent years that there has been a strategic and coherent approach to HR practices.

Due to its complexity in administering an organization’s most valued assets, HR evolution has been parallel to the growth of IT technology.
Identical to the previous year, 2017 trends emphasise highly on technology, ultimately simplified. Here is a pick on the top trends –

Data Analytics –
The basic idea of using an application in HR is to strategically simplify and utilize employee data to manage talent. With better insight on employee participation and performance, HR is able to provide valuable suggestions to management to enable superior decision making, cost reduction and effectively achieving organizational goals.

Furthermore, the usage of Big Data analytics provides competitive advantage in terms of volume, variety, and velocity of information to acquire and retain outstanding talent.

Satisfaction –
A happy employee is more productive and retainable, making it an HR’s obligation to uplift employee morale.
Digital interaction platforms have accelerated the quality of HR information on employees, facilitating better methods for conflict resolution, stress management and building a collaborative environment for better teamwork.

Automation –
Organizations adopting automation with high end software to maintain complex data in HR processing is something that will increase in the coming years.

As HR management also requires people in its process, the ideal solution in the absence and adversities of HR can be an automation system.
This will also enable consistency in managing job requisitions, time sheets, absenteeism, referrals, reimbursements and taxations.

IT integration –
The greater your IT integration, the smoother your HR administration.
Cloud computing, Mobile, Big Data and the influence of social media has significant impact on HR practices.
This reduces paperwork, increases accuracy and maintains confidentiality.

Culture focus –
Talent retention is much more complex than acquisition. As modern recruitment methods help to attain people from around the world, with diverse cultures, HR teams need to prepare for the unexpected; ensuring management styles match with employee behaviour to meet organizational goals.

Conclusively, HR awareness of available facilities is crucial, along with maintaining human relations and keeping the process simplified for employees.

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