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Monday morning. Deepak, the HR Head called in his team for the regular weekly review. They all gathered to discuss the week’s happenings, updates, progress, bottlenecks and plan for the coming week. The running theme in the organisation for the month was PRODUCTIVITY, and HR was busy building activities and mailers around it.

Where it all started…
Team managers across the organisation had shared their woes with HR about dipping outputs in spite of team members clocking in their regular work hours. Where was the effort leakage happening? How could the managers help teams track their progress and output? How could they all collectively work and produce more efficiently? A meeting was called for.

The CEO looks at HR…
The CEO spoke of how project hours, resource availability and costs were pushing project costs higher, thereby making the organisation less competent in a competitive marketplace. Needless to say, employee productivity had become a matter of concern in the organisation. When any issue remotely concerned with people comes up, HR is where all heads turn to.

Did the buck just pass?
The problem had been pushed from Employee to Team manager to CEO to HR.  The room was silent. Everyone waited for an answer. There was a mounting tension as loud as silence. Seconds ticked. Ringing mobiles were silenced. The answer was awaited. As if HR is the ready reckoner of all solutions. And then, slowly the HR Head stood up. Everyone looked towards him for the verdict. He said, “The buck stops here”.

Productivity starts with HR
His team of HR executives sitting on either side of him looked perplexed. Where was this headed? He continued, “If productivity is the issue we are addressing and HR should find answers, we will start with our own department. Rather than preaching to all, we will work on solutions internally and share our learning with the rest of you so that you can replicate it”. He made this grand announcement and walked out of the room, with the puzzled team in tow.

And then began the transformation…
Deepak and his team allowed the initial apprehensions and euphoria to die down and got down to the work on hand. With a single-minded focus to prove to the organisation that the HR will WALK the TALK, the programme was conceived – ‘Productivity begins with HR’

HR broke down their functions into smaller sub-functions – Recruitment, Onboarding, Attendance, Payroll, Competency mapping, Communication protocols, Training, Performance management systems, Exit process and so on. Then began the process of allocating roles to each HR team member and working on reducing time consumption of the activities that were routine and pre-determined. The workflows were set, processes templatized and time taken to complete an activity was considerably reduced. Even the time that was spent in preparing MIS reports was reduced due to the newly incorporated automation. Employees could now get their queries resolved online.

During one of the weekly HR team meetings, they realized that the language of team discussion had considerably changed. From talking transactions and tasks, the team members were now ideating and strategizing. They had more time now to come up with innovative ideas to implement. Productivity had gone up. The transformation had begun…

Birth of HRMS for a more productive organisation
Congratulations! Welcome to the new age of Human Resource Management.

PeopleWorks, a highly secure Cloud based Talent Management Solution that integrates HR functions with business and talent needs.
Watch the video and see how PeopleWorks can help your organisation improve. Let’s take baby steps to improve organisational productivity.

How can HRMS improve productivity?

  • Automate your workflow
  • Streamline your process
  • Achieve resource optimisation
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve productivity

Can HR be the beginning of this change?

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