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HR Automation – the must-follow HR best practice for today’s organizations

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HR best practice for today’s organizations

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People work with people!
The HR function is no longer termed as a business support service, rather a core business process.  Unlike other assets that depreciate over time, people have potential to increase in value with the right HR practices. Quality, Consistency and Effectiveness of the output of people in an organization is directly linked to HR, making automation and other practices extremely critical to the growth of the business itself.

HR automation Software in the HR parlance refers to transitioning of burdensome, time-consuming and inefficient HR processes such as payroll processing, employee communication, personnel data keeping, employee benefits administration, etc., to a streamlined computer-based online system. While there are certifiable benefits of time efficiencies and cost-reductions, HR automation offers significant benefits to the organization including:

  • Higher productivity as a result of faster processing of various HR tasks
  • Lower attrition rate due to increased employee satisfaction
  • Reduced cost of HR administration and reduced cost of paper-based transactions
  • Reduced risk of compliance and adherence to regulatory requirements
  • Better organizational collaboration to recruit, train, motivate and retain talent

 All the above benefits can be gained by using PeopleWorks software.
PeopleWorks Lite is Cloud-based Human Capital Management software providing business a platform for effective employee management. We help customers manage their employee from HIRE TO RETIRE.

10 Steps to Automate Human Capital Management
An infographic from PeopleWorks Blog highlights simple 10 step process that companies should consider while embarking on their HRMS journey.

Doing It Right
Plan of execution and transitioning to an automated HR process is not as simple as putting in a technology solution but involves various to ensure success of the project and efficiency in the automated system. It is important for all stakeholders within an organization to imbibe best practices into their HR management as HR automation simplifies, expedites, enhance efficiency and effectiveness of HR processes and tasks.

Own the Project
It is the first and the most critical step towards HR automation. The project owner collaborates with various stakeholders and earns their support while handling the daily operations. He should be able to understand the needs very clearly and translate them into automated processes, communicate with various stakeholders clearly and transparently, advocate the benefits of automation and gain support and acceptance from the stakeholders.

Define the Problem and Gather Information
It is not enough to take the HR department views on various tasks and processes alone. While defining the problem and gathering information in order to automate various HR processes, it is important to take opinions from end-users and other departments, as well as related stakeholders – internal and external as the case might be.

Employee Awareness and Training
Training the employees on HR systems is often neglected. The transition from manual processes to automated demands a significant change in employee behavior which can only be done with training and regular employee awareness programs.

In Conclusion
Cost savings and time efficiency may be the most important results of HR automation, but the intangibles go beyond. HR automation, when done right, has the potential to cultivate productive and loyal workforce, and foster better relationship with the employees.
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