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How to find the Perfect Match for your Workforce?

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how to find the perfect match

CaptureWith multiple benefits like cost-cutting through digitization to increasing employee productivity, Human Resource Management (HRMS) or Information Systems (HRIS) are becoming the trending topic in the world of Human Resource Management.

However the multiplicity of choices available in the booming IT market, make it very difficult to choose a particular solution. Everyone claims to be the best. Every solution provider seems to have some new feature to outcast the competitors. But in the end, all the solutions solve a few basic problems.
An HRMS software should be ideally chosen on the basis of how and to what extent these problems are solved. These problems, coupled with a few other criteria form the following 7 questions which you could refer to while choosing your HR Solution.

  1. Functionality index: This is the most important criteria as it reveals the variety of features available in the solution.
  2. Security index: This decides how reliable the solution is for an enterprise to entrust them with their confidential data and employee records.
  3. Usability index: This decides how easy or difficult it is to actually use the solution by the untrained user.
  4. Scalability index: This decides how compatible the solution would be to accommodate the changing business needs
  5. Price index: This decides whether at all a business would be able to afford it and the duration within which the RoI is recovered.
  6. Implementation index: This decides how long it would take to actually start using the solution after you have paid for it.
  7. Support index: This decides the solution provider’s dedication to solve the user’s complaints in a timely and simple way. It also includes how often the product is upgraded.
  8. Compatibility index: This helps you judge to what extent the solution would fit into your existing HR processes and workflows
  9. Compliance index: This decides how compatible the solution is with the laws of the land and how aptly those laws are implemented into the solution’s framework.
  10. Automation index: This decides the extent of human input needed to drive the solution’s various functions. Be it Employee Self Service or Employee Data Management or Payroll, human effort should be minimized.

All these indices were the cornerstone of PeopleWorks’ development. However, just like a teacher is a better judge of a child’s capabilities than the parent; we at PeopleWorks also believe in measuring our success through the words of our client. Thus to help you gauge the effectiveness and success rate of our solution, we leave you with some food for thought by quoting our clients.
“At Janaagraha, we always felt the need for a unified platform to streamline our HR processes like Employee Data Management, Payroll Processing and most importantly Employee connect. PeopleWorks brought to the table an unified employee lifecycle management solution and ran the implementation with immaculate planning.”

Ms. Sapna Karim
HR & Volunteer Coordinator, Janaagraha Center for Citizenship and Democracy

“Over 5 years, we’ve saved a lot of time, energy and effort by teaming up with PeopleWorks. Their unique product ensures that we receive error free payroll, generate correct reports and connect better with the employees.”

Sandeep Shastri
Manager | Finance, India Medtronic Private Limited

“Our employees and HR could access the required data just 5 working days after they actually submitted the data. Their consistency across various modules with the added advantages of user-friendliness and extremely patient yet effective support team is also one of their primary benefits.”

Manjunath H. V
Managing Director, Madhu Infotech

To know more about how PeopleWorks could help in writing your business’ success story, please drop us a mail at or visit or connect through FacebookTwitter or LinkedIn.

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