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How Should HR React to Strikes and Bandhs?

By September 28, 2016 No Comments
How Should HR React to Strikes and Bandhs?

The HR department has varied responsibilities. Not only do they need to make sure that candidates who join the company have the right skills for work, they also need to manage them and their needs after they are hired. This is, of course, achieved with proper workflow and technology.
But, what happens when this workflow gets disrupted by Bandhs and strikes? How does a good HR handle it? How do they ensure their employees’ safety without affecting the company’s bottom line?
Here are some of the ways to take care of your employees:

  1. Stay Informed: When there is a violent protest breaking out in your city, the HR should first gather the right information, from the right sources, and keep their employees informed about the same. This would allay any fears of safety they may have.
  2. Provide Transportation: If your company has internal transport facility, or can access a fleet of cars, providing transportation to send employees home would be great. Not only does that show your company as a responsible HR, it also gives the employees a sense of relief and security.  
  3. Work from Home Facility: Since work can be managed from anywhere with a computer and an internet connection, work-from-home is a great option. If your company has a large workforce, coordination can be achieved via HCM tools, or emails, if that works better.
  4. A Day-Off, Work Later: Many do not have internet connections at home. And, if the protests are particularly violent, power could be affected as well. In such cases, giving employees an off would be a better idea. They can work on a Saturday, or on any other holiday. Give them a choice.

These are simple but useful four ways, by how you can help your employees work during, or around, a Bandh. The main mantra is to stay calm and to be armed with the right information. And keep your employees informed in a timely manner as well.  

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