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How good are you at HR planning?

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how good you are at HR planning

In the war for top talent, manpower resource planning is the war room of every HR in an organization. Manpower Resource Planning helps the management determine how the organization should move from its current manpower position to its desired manpower position. It is the process by which organizations determine the human resource requirement to satisfy the demand of customers, both current and prospective.

Strategic HR Planning is a vital part of Strategic HR Management, which further is directly linked to the Strategic business roadmap. Human Resource Planning takes on the challenge of planning and structuring workforce based on project and organization needs.  This planning has other implications like HR operating costs, Employee acquisition budgets, Training and Project profitability.

Objective of Human Resource Planning
To ensure the right people with the right skills are available to the business at the right time.

A Brief Guide To Human Resource Planning
 The first step to a good HRP (Human Resource Planning) is to define the goals and objectives of the organization, and the key milestones in this roadmap. This will help determine resource requirements at defined timelines. HR will then determine the present HR capacity and evaluate the future human resource needs based on business forecast.  Once the starting point and the finishing line are clearly pinned, the HR Manager can see how much of resource is available internally and how much to source externally. This process helps identify gaps which will then lead to analyzing how much of that can be fulfilled by way of hiring, promotion, retrenchment and refills. While doing this activity, also take into consideration the possible difficulties that affect both cases and how to overcome them.

Then comes the critical part of planning and scheduling activities to achieve the desired Human Resource Planning objective. Having a plan isn’t enough. It has to be documented in detail with clear timelines and responsibilities.  At this stage, you may also consider Outsourcing and Collaboration Strategies for completion of certain tasks.

The Human Resource Plan Document is now the blueprint for all HR activities for the year. Communicate the plan to key employees to inform them of what it means to the organization and get their buy-in. Periodic evaluation of the plan is necessary to track progress and take immediate corrective actions.

Good human resource planning and management will result in stronger rapport and communications between employees and the management. It will also result in individual employee development plans, low employee turnover, low absenteeism, competitive employee compensation programs, high morale, good quality output and efficient operations, well-trained employees and satisfied customers.

PeopleWorks HCM simplifies the Human Resource Planning process by automating key components like recruitment, Competency Mapping, Performance Management, Communication, Training and Rewards. PeopleWorks Human Capital Management Software is a new age HCM to manage new age workforce.
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