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How Can HR Productivity Be Enhanced

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how can hr productivity be improved

Method vs Madness?
The honey bees would say method.Improve Productivity with Peopleworks
Technology is advancing in leaps and bounds, redefining businesses at every nook & corner. There is stiff competition for speedier results in almost every aspect of the business, in companies of all stripes. With manpower numbers rising in organizations, the task of Human Resource staff is akin to honey bees operating on a method by which things mostly remain in order for the individual as well as consolidated workforce portfolios. Hence, more than any other division, it has become imperative for the HR department to adopt the best innovation available embracing industries all across the spectrum.

 Automated HR is going to be the backbone of your organization
Nothing will impress an HR employee more than their own efficiency. Imagine a scenario, where there is no paperwork, no manual processes, or sporadic individual intimation by emails or verbal interactions for processes. As it’s truly said that time is more valuable than money, so when this time frees up for the HR employee, they are introduced to efficient ways of managing their tasks at hand. When people feel like they’re really accomplishing goals, they have more morale. Instead of mindlessly typing numbers into the system they can focus on other efforts that benefit your company, like designing new HR strategies that can lead your company into the future.  And since they’ll get more done in the same amount of time, you’ll get more for your money. Hence, there will be a gainful focus on advanced ways of hiring and recruitment. Yes, smarter management means smarter employees!

 Allow yourself to feel how precision makes a huge difference

High-impact HR organizations incorporate sophisticated forecasting and workforce analytics into their processes. This enables them to translate companywide talent, business data and external workforce segment data into workable insights that they can use and share with business leaders. Hence, automating human resources will ensure the precision of data being entered, monitored and transparency between concerned departments and heads. Payroll, attendance, approvals and employee benefit information is made simple and hands on. And along with precision comes simplicity. The number crunching gets eased out and results are available at the click of a button. It makes perfect sense to do away with errors and inconsistencies for non-value added activities where HR would diligently spend hours earlier on.
Features like reports at a click, surveys and performance management in a unique cloud-based solution will not only help you make decisions quicker but also transform HR into an enabler for innovation.
Empower your employees, hence making the honey bees hum a symphony on Cloud Nine
Empower your managers through PeopleWorks, by extending support to better manage their team and ensuring that their productivity is not hampered through rigorous and tedious manual processes. This fully configurable and scalable cloud-based model can help you seamlessly integrate your existing HR platform and automate it while improving efficiency and competitiveness. Another advantage of cloud-based solutions like PeopleWorks is that by providing an Employee Lifecycle Management platform to your employee, it reduces the employee’s dependency on HR for mundane tasks like Leave Management, Query, Basic Detail updates etc., leaving the HR with more time to enhance and optimize their productivity.

Also, with all system upgrades done online, PeopleWorks ensures your workflow is up & running, thus unaffected by any system downtime. An end-to-end integrated HR Lifecycle Management platform like PeopleWorks can save thousands of man-hours a year. By fully automating your HR process, we ensure that you save over 50% of your HR executives’ time. And this is just the beginning!

In the words of Blaine Lee, “The great leaders are like the best conductors – they reach beyond the notes to reach the magic in the players.”

Reach out for your magic.
Get PeopleWorks Advantage.
PeopleWorks is a cloud-based employee lifecycle management solution which manages all aspects of an employee’s life from hire to retire. By letting your HR staff reduce time-spent on non-value adding jobs, promoting Employee Self Service and reducing your operational dependency on Paper, our solutions help you achieve Growth Uninterrupted.

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