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Hiring the Right Talent – Jump the Hurdles!

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Hiring the Right Talent

“The smartest business decision you can make is to hire qualified people. Bringing the right people on board saves you thousands, and your business will run smoothly and efficiently.”

  • Brian Tracy

Organizations are highly reliant on the right talent to ensure success. This opens the door to one of the biggest quests in an HR professional’s career.
The quest to recruit the right talent!
Strategic business development is the key to beating the competition and it’s in the hands of the HR Department to spot the right talent for their organization.

The talent pool available is enormous and it is very easy for one to lose their way in this quest. An HR would be faced with several challenges in this quest.
Here are a few of the hurdles that the HR would face in their quest to find the right talent and how they can jump over the same.

  1. The Building Employer Branding Hurdle:
    Letting go is the key! – Today’s competitive market makes it crucial to let go of antiquated hiring practices.
    With the power of Social Media and engaging content, organizations must communicate their brand’s ideology and this will help the right talent find them.
  2. The Candidate Empowerment Hurdle:

    Screening processes are often slow and complicated, this is a combination that makes the overall process time consuming one.
    Empower your candidates with more visibility into the screening process and this will enable them to follow the company’s hiring process with ease.
  3. The Job Requirement Hurdle:Collaboration between HR Managers and Recruiters is key in the recruitment process.
    Understanding the requirement of a particular job profile and conducting the interview accordingly is the best way to source candidates from this massive talent pool.
  4. The Consistent Hiring/On-boarding Hurdle:Every department in an organization has its own hiring requirements and maintaining a record of these can be a very tedious task for HR professionals, thus creating inconsistent employee experience at the time of hiring/onboarding. Adopting a cloud-based recruiting software helps to centralize their recruitment and onboarding practices.

When faced with a challenge, it is crucial to remember that hurdles are there to jump over and not to stand in front of and wonder. By addressing the above recruitment challenges, organizations can not only beat the completion in the race to acquire the right talent but also build a compelling employer branding.

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