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HCM joins the User Experience revolution!

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HCm joins the user experience revolution

Today, software solutions are at a threshold moment in time. Its role of simply enabling business is not enough; solutions must also drive and fuel emerging digital technologies such as mobile channels, social networking tools and business analytics along with wearable computing tools.
Whether it is a geolocation tool or a voice activation system, the always-on-line new age workforce of today, want and demand individual personal experiences when interacting with devices. The biggest web and mobile design challenge today is how to seamlessly bridge the online and physical world.

With the growth of social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and others, user experience (UX) has become the cornerstone of most solutions. Many HRMS product and solution providers are spending huge sums of money to build contemporary HR software solutions focusing on modern design principles of minimalism and user centricity.

So what factors influence new age user experience? According to Peter Morville, pioneer in the field of Information Architecture and UX, the core of user experience is providing value to the users and value is provided when it is:

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Today HR software solutions have evolved from an administrative department within companies to full-fledged human capital management systems wherein talent management, performance management, employee retention management and many more activities are integrated into the organization’s HRMS systems. By keeping HRMS software interfaces easy to use and interesting, companies can encourage transparency in communication thereby allowing for better and efficient interactions.

An exemplary new age UX must be original while meeting the needs of the user with a visual style that is desirable, clean and easy to use. Less clutter with icons and texts, minimum number of clicks, flexible dashboards, social enablement and an enriching mobile experience. The best in class user experience offers a seamless merging of services across multiple functions and disciplines.
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