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Employee Transfer Management – HR Concepts

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employee transfer management

Employee transfer is the most important part of an organization which allows the company to shift, the employee from one department to the other. This process is usually a horizontal movement in an organization where there is no change in the employee’s responsibilities. Transfer of an employee from one department to the other is quite a usual situation that occurs in any organization.

The transfers are mainly comprise of four major categories, which are production, replacement, remedial and versatility transfer.

  1. The transfers which take place in the production type are the ones which transfer the employees, with their consent, to another department because the organization is lacking requirement of manpower in it.
  2. Replacement type of transfers are the ones in which a new member is added to a department to reduce the stress on the existing employee.
  3. Remedial transfer, as the name suggests, happens when there was a mistake during the hiring process, and hence, making sure that the employee goes to the department where they are comfortable.
  4. Versatility transfer is the most interesting and by far the most useful for the company, which transfers the employees throughout the departments for knowledge transfer. This is very much possible with the HRM tool because the interests and the progress of the employees can be easily tracked.

The purposes of these transfers are either to increase the effectiveness of the organization or improve the versatility of the employees or to rectify mistakes during hiring or even to adjust the workforce in the organization.

HRM can be of great help if an organization wants to implement the transfer of employees from one department to the other. Because employee effectiveness in a certain department can be known with the help of the tool because of similarities in interests and keenness towards learning.

The usage of HRM can be a great relief for the organization and their HRs. The organization, rather than letting go of valuable talent, can now look at the transfer of employees to the department they desire.

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