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EMPLOYEE INDUCTION – 1st step of welcoming new employees!

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employee induction

“Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.”

An employee’s induction process is often what makes or breaks his experience at a company. Employee Induction is the first step of welcoming new employees to the company and preparing them for their respective roles. Induction is the introduction and orientation of the employee in the organizational culture and showing the employees how interconnected he/she is to everyone in the organization.

A good induction program ensures that the employees contribute more effectively and efficiently to their team.

An induction makes the employees feel
● Welcome into the organization and team
● Associated with the company’s policies and objectives
● Confident that they can successfully do their job
● Positive about their future in the company
● Energized about his potential opportunities
An employee on-boarding should be taken seriously. The employee induction process is to be planned well before the employee joins and the number of days depends on the demands of the role.
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● Induction checklist: Introduce the new joinee with a Welcome kit.Show him the office layout and introduce him to everyone; the Induction checklist includes:
– System set-up and creation of email
– Provide an overview of the organization and its services/products
– Introduction to the team and manager
– Discuss his roles and responsibilities
– Share performance standard and expectations from him
– Make him aware of HR related aspects – Work hours, Dress code, work rules, etc.,
– Assign a buddy he can reach out to for queries during the early weeks
● Make them feel welcome: In the whole process of getting your employees updated about the organizational structure, you forget to make them feel welcome. Besides walking around and introducing them to everyone or just showing them a slideshow you can do a number of activities to get them more involved, such as:

– Ice breaker activities
– Decorating the new employee’s desk
– Get the team to sign a ‘welcome’ card
– Have a team lunch on the first day
-Post a welcome message on your company social media accounts
● A crisp job description: A single page approach listing out the important duties, experience, and skills reflecting the roles is good enough.
– Role title
– Statement of position
– Key tasks
– What is required of his role
● Team’s involvement: Encourage the team’s involvement in the induction process, instead of it being on a one-on-one basis.
● Encourage social interaction: Encourage the team to pitch in and help with all possible questions and queries. Unwind together towards the weekend and interact with new colleagues.
● Follow up: After a few weeks of the employee’s entry into the organization, catch up with him and find out what is happening, what challenges he is facing, if he needs any help and if he has adjusted just fine.
● Employee feedback: After the induction process, ask your employee for a feedback on their experiences. If any changes are required in the process, incorporate them accordingly.
A recent survey was undertaken; this is what most employers had to say about following the employee induction procedure.
Induction 23
New employees need to feel comfortable in their new work environment and become as productive as possible over a short period. A little effort from the management and a well-planned induction is essential to reap all the benefits, quickly. Induction is not an option, it is an investment, and every company no matter how small or big should make this investment.

The PeopleWorks on-boarding module automates the candidate’s joining process, which enables the candidate’s to feel valued so that they can become fully productive members of the team as quickly as possible.


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