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Effective Team Management Endorses Talent Contract

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Effective Team Management Endorses Talent Contract


“People want to know that they really matter. And they want to be treated as people. That’s the new talent contract” –  Pamela Stroke

“We are a Team”
For a team manager to effectively execute work outputs, he needs to ensure that his people are aligned with the team’s goals and objectives, as well as that of the organization. It is an all encompassing role where you need to collaborate, engage, communicate and co-create with a set of people who have individualistic mindsets. Worthy team management is a consistent effort to homogenize talent alongside sustaining synergy with larger business aims.
So what makes the employee feel they are aligned with a good team?

“You can count on me”
Employees have a better sense of responsibility if they are given their space to perform. Constant monitoring by management is a disappointing tactic, which leads to low morale. Team members breathe easy within independence. This can be done through constructive communication and empowerment with the right information inputs. This starts the engagement process for the team member. Confidence levels are boosted and innovation can be realized in due time.

“I Can Manage That For Sure”
A manager must know what drives his team to optimize work efficiency. Team members come with different sensibilities towards work management. Sometimes team members are not motivated by the same factors that drive their manager/ RO.  Understanding how each of his people tick allows a manager to appropriate workload, distribute his plan creatively, engage full involvement from his team and keep them continuously motivated. As the above quote suggests, simply inspiring the team member will not necessarily activate them into doing something they are uninterested in. A better way to optimize productivity is recognizing their motivation and giving them the impetus and support to fulfill their task.

“I feel looked after”
The greatest nurture employees can get is through periodic evaluation of their performance and its synchronization with their team and company’s goals. Performance Management is a key aspect of team management. Regular appraisals and closing skill gaps with training and coaching are the desired support for any team member and management. Mentorship of this kind helps in highlighting new skills. So, employees feel recommended and recognized regarding their skills and abilities. To truly gain the trust of their team, managers are required to display their own competency and interest in their team members’ struggles and achievements.

 “I do understand”
Another intrinsic aspect of great team building is effective and robust communication. Conveying drawbacks, accolades and results to the team members has to be handled delicately and a balanced interaction is always the need of the hour. Ground rules, discipline, adherence to deadlines and inter-employee behavior has to be pre-asserted in order to have a congenial working environment. Problems need to be sorted out without conflict. Change needs to be accommodated slowly, if at all, in role enhancement or career progression.

Sometimes snap and pointed conversations are much needed. That is because messages sometimes need to be focused and intermittent “Snap” communication gets team members to solve their own problems. With this approach, not only do managers give them responsibility and a sense of accomplishment, but they also ensure that minor issues are not constantly passed up the chain to be fixed. With the right questions, team members just need to internalize the process of working through the problem and coming to a solution that achieves the desired solution.
To oversee teams and ensure quality and timely job outputs pointing to leads, sales and business augmentation, managers endorse uninterrupted data management systems any day so manual work is replaced by automated applications. Hence, there is more time for building team morale and eventually contributing to business growth.

PeopleWorks Human Capital Management solution is a one-click efficiency capsule for any company aspiring expansion with a holistically healthy workforce in place. PeopleWorks offers several modules supporting seamless team management, namely

  • Performance Management Systems
  • Employee Nurture
  • Employee Connect
  • Query Management
  • Team Data
  • Team based workflows

Sign your talent contract with PeopleWorks Employee Lifecycle Management solution, and experience growth uninterrupted.

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