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Do Startups Need HR

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do start up needs HR

“A startup is a company working to solve a problem where the solution is not obvious and success is not guaranteed.” says Neil Blumenthal, cofounder and co-CEO of Warby Parker.
One thing that needs to be understood though, is that, a startup will not stay a startup forever.
This is in fact the foundation of what will evolve to become ten folds of what it was at inception.
Here are 5 things ambitious startups need to know about HR

  1. Classification – HR type.
    Assessing the size of your company and its needs is crucial here, and a small headcount need not mean a small HRMS will suffice.
    Options include, hiring a well-seasoned HR with a good amount of experience up the sleeve and is ready for a challenge or reaching out to a consultancy that could provide a high level HRMS.
  2. Simplicity – is the key!
    HR processes are often complicated and if found in the hands of a willing amateur, it could land the foundation in a soup.
    Methods taught in business schools are a thing of the past. For the new age startup, focus on the core HR processes and designing these processes with simplicity is key.
  3. Structure
    Keep in mind the desired work culture before deciding on the organizational structure.
    Hierarchy, flat structure, limited cell size are some options to consider after an analysis of the pros and cons.
  4. Don’t be a copycat.
    HR practices used by big MNC’s are often derived from the 20th century and might not work for startups. The absence of history in startups creates room for innovation and reinvention of HRMS. The old school ways could slow you down.
  5. Data Analysis
    Capturing data when the system is small is easy, and looking back is no longer a hassle. Reporting and analyzing can be initiated and the growth of the company can be monitored with ease.

Startups will function at an optimum provided they use an adaptive HRMS. Building a good foundation will be one of the key factors to getting an exponential growth, once the startup evolves.

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