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Constructive Employee Reviews and How to Do it Right

By April 17, 2017 No Comments
Performance management

Performance reviews are an integral part for each and every organization. These reviews help employees and managers alike, to understand whether or not they are headed in the right direction in terms of growth in the organization. Performance reviews can be good or bad depending on the performance of the employees themselves. The reviews can either be appreciative of the employee or even work as a motivation for the employee. They can also act as a way for the manager to guide employees to work in a certain way.

The managers should make sure that the employee does not get caught in a surprise as to when they are going to receive a performance review. The communication about the performance, between manager and the employee, should be consistent throughout. In this way, the manager can make sure that the employee is working towards the goal set.

Holistic Reviews

Managers can take feedback from colleagues of the employee under review. In this way, a holistic review can be done, which helps the manager understand if the employee can fit into different fields as well. While providing reviews, managers should make sure that they provide concrete and perfect review. By providing such a review, the employees can understand exactly where to grow and how to improve in certain fields specified by the manager.

Another thing which a manager can do, so that the employee can understand better, is to have an open conversation about the review. By doing so, the employee will have a clearer picture of the ratings and have a clear pattern as to how to go about with work in the next quarter.

Keep it Positive

Performance reviews never end once the manager provides the employee with the same. Managers have to follow up with the employees about their performance even after handing over the performance review. The performance review should always end with a positive note, by either encouraging employees for their work so far or by motivating them. Constructive performance reviews help both employees and managers to grow together as a team and reach the goal set by the organization.

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