Connected Intelligence
Connected Intelligence

Connected Intelligence

Imagine a simple situation. You write to your manager or seek help from someone in another team, via e-mail. You don’t want to disturb them, as they have busy schedules. Your email remains unanswered. No matter how much you might convince yourself, that your email was overlooked, or perhaps they had no time to respond, or they forgot, the fact that someone was unresponsive remains a big hitch in conversation with that person.

Another simple situation would be that you are managing your work and deadlines well. Someone in your team just isn’t. And when push comes to shove, they request you to do “help” in the nth hour. Being a great team player, you may do it once, twice or even thrice. But eventually, it is likely to upset your cart as your schedule only allows for your saved time for growth, and hence the situation eventually becomes disruptive, if the demanding person happens to be in a senior position than you. There is a similar pattern here in these two situations. And it isn’t just lack of communication, but non-adherence to collaboration.

Organizations across the globe are striving for collaborative culture and environment that extends to customers and vendors as well. What are some of the factors that influence collaboration in an enterprise?

  • Seamless communication in a way that all queries are answered and doubts cleared without the burden of cross-checking and unanswered query being borne by an individual
  • A comfortable working relationship, where co-ordination happens smoothly between teams and within teams and work doesn’t happen in silos
  • Employees are respected at all times and appreciated, as well as inspired to feel like competent resources
  • Employees assume the responsibility of the organization’s success automatically and are aligned with the larger vision
  • The company has an engaged workforce, who share resources as and when required, and are part of knowledge networks that connect intelligence and foster innovation
  • Rewards and recognition is not an individual’s choice but based on reviews and assessment which are statistically measured and analyzed, and humanly deduced based upon discussions, not just perceptions
  • Perspectives and disagreements are accepted and sorted out, so all ideas remain laid across the table for introspection and dialogue
  • Employees feel like a member of a group in a team and a member of the community within the organization

An organization should follow the core values of conscious honesty, integrity, transparency and mutual benefit, across all levels of the workforce. A successful collaborative workforce means a culture where people feel a sense of belonging and acceptance. They know they have the space to make mistakes and learn. They are also enabled to work in an atmosphere which is unambiguous; hence they have enormous confidence and pride, being part of such an organization. This is critical for saving the business from high attrition rates and keeping the bottom line stable and strong. Connected intelligence is crucial for innovation and new ideas that make businesses trendsetters in their market.

PeopleWorks is an enabler for organizational transformation. Our Human Capital Management solution covers all aspects of effective communication within the workforce, hence establishing collaboration easily within a company. With an interface which is highly user-friendly, employees can access their personal data anytime and anywhere. Managers can bring in seamless team planning, and CxOs have readily available data for critical decision making, at their fingertips.

At the very first click, each employee enters My World, an intranet where relevant information, both personal and of the organization, is stacked in neat modules like Broadcast, Calendar and Connect. On a personal level, employees can apply/check leave, upload travel & expense, be updated regularly on policies, announcements, birthdays and newsletters etc. Intra communication is well connected and automated, so teams, reporting officers, and reviewing officers are in the loop wherever data assimilation and approvals are relevant.

Employees have access to messages, queries, reports, career progression details, training, and competency assessment and more all in one portal. Their data is secure, as PeopleWorks is a cloud-based HR application. Employees can self service their information, and time and energy are saved without constant email chains and seeking appointments for clarifications. Everything is possible online and at a single click. PeopleWorks facilitates anytime, anywhere connectivity for their clients with the Mobility app. Workforce on the move and across geographical locations can be connected 24×7. Employees feel appreciated when rewards and recognition is a carefully considered and unbiased decision.

Mobility - PeopleWorks

Mobility – PeopleWorks

In the absence of a manual struggle to keep data in order, employee HR activities are streamlined, and the resultant freedom allows new ideas to germinate, broadening the cultural spectrum to innovation. The HCM solution from PeopleWorks is an engine that stores and studies such ideas and leads them to conception and execution, if beneficial to the organization and business. These ideas are analyzed by business excellence experts and ensure complete transparency, so the idea holders are suitably recognized.

PeopleWorks connects employee intelligence to empower collaboration on multiple levels. Employees remain engaged, bridged and inspired. For your organization to benefit from this possibility of uninterrupted growth, click here.

“For innovation to flourish, organizations must create an environment that fosters creativity; bringing together multi-talented groups of people who work in close collaboration together — exchanging knowledge, ideas and shaping the direction of the future.” ~ Linda Naiman

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