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Changing Hands – Employee Transfer Simplified

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employee transfer simlified


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In today’s corporate world, it is simply imperative at times to juggle around with talent. Sometimes management might require capitalizing on the versatility of their employees and hence change is inevitable. Employee transfer is essentially this change in job role within the organization.  Since it is not a promotion, the new job is substantially equal to the old, in terms of pay, status and responsibilities. Transfer of employees is possible from one department to another or from one location to another. The transfer may be initiated by the organization or by the employees with the approval of the organization. But broadly, it can be done either to suit the conveniences of organization and to suit the convenience of employees.
Intra organizational transfers may be effected for the following reasons:

  • Companies need to harness and steer talent for optimisation
  • During recruitment and onboarding, certain professional assets of an employee may not fully surface. Only during certain work tenure, the full scalability of talent comes to notice.
  • Due to businesses evolving rapidly, fluctuations in requirements might occur
  • Employees might start experiencing latent monotony, and it reflects in their productivity
  • Erroneous placements might take place due to insufficient data collation while hiring
  • Workforce might require adjustments due to organizational goal, structure or work volume changes

How to Bell the Cat
In the growing business traffic, employee transfer may become a yellow signal on which to ponder. Why the pause? It is because employers need to fully fathom whether this move can be done with proper consideration and convenience of the employee and the least hindrance for the business. Hence it becomes crucial to pause and reflect and administer the transfer dose in the best possible way so it’s a win-win for both the employee and management. In this respect, every organization should have a fair and impartial transfer policy which should be visible to each employee. Care should be taken to ensure that frequent or large scale transfers are avoided by laying down adequate selection and placement procedures for the purpose. Must haves for a good transfer policy could be,

  • Clarity in types of transfers and the conditions under which these will be made.
  • Assigning accountable authority in management to initiate and implement transfers.
  • The basis of transfers i.e skill, competency, seniority or any other factors to be stipulated
  • Intimation of the fact of the transfer to the person concerned should be done well in advance.
  • Communication regarding the transfer should be adequate and available
  • Policy should be clearly specified so it is sound, fair and just across the organizational spectrum
  • The management must frame policy on transfers and apply it to all the transfers instead of treating each case on its merit
  • Transfer policy must be in writing and be made known to all the employees of the organization

Nothing ventured, Nothing Gained
Fortunately, even with copious amounts of expansion in businesses, organizations have little cause for worry regarding handling transfers and internal changes. PeopleWorks offers a scalable Human Capital Management Solution module, which not only integrates all aspects of an employee’s tenure with the organization, but keeps the data transparent and communication glitch free. With PeopleWorks Transfer Module, HR and Process/Project Heads can manage all employee transfers easily and all concerned are kept in an integrated loop.

PeopleWorks also offers HRIS as a database designed to allow tracking of all employee related data. HRIS handles all types of HR functions from hiring, application submission, payroll, transfer etc. The workflow gets completely streamlined. Being on cloud, users can download data in web formats for analysis.

With the availability of a onetime report generation on PeopleWorks cloud-based model, the data gathered can help in tracking workforce trends, individual employee performances, and hence, decision making is upfront and easier. And PeopleWorks is designed for efficiency and convenience. It reduces process inefficiency, consolidates systems and processes and provides real-time access to information that would not only save time to focus on strategic issues but will also help in the decision making processes.

PeopleWorks’ MyWorld intranet ensures that your employees are kept abreast of latest updates on a regular basis. And in an organization where the employee is cushioned with RTI at every step, employee transfer becomes less of a challenge and more of a role morphing, which is undoubtedly rewarding for both the business and the employee.

In Eleanor Roosevelt’s words, is evident the inspiration for change,
“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” So reach out for richer experiences within your organization, and fearlessly, with a resourceful and accurate ally in PeopleWorks.

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