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Business Transformation Through HR Innovation- A PeopleWorks’ Perspective

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Transforming a business is not an option but a necessity in these changing times. PeopleWorks initiated a discussion with a group of influencers at The Taj Gateway, Bangalore to understand how SMEs and entrepreneurs envisioned the direction of their overall growth in the coming years and what challenges they were facing to afford a business and growth upscale.
This highly interactive and insightful session was attended by Mr. Chandra Kumar, CEO, Skillsonics, Ms. Sharabani Basu, Strategic HR Director, Health Spirit, amidst a prominent guest list from Bangalore’s entrepreneurial who’s who. Mr. L.S Ram,

Mr. L.S Ram, Chairman & E.D of Crossdomain Solutions

Mr. L.S Ram, Chairman & E.D of Crossdomain Solutions in conversation with participants

President and Executive Director, Crossdomain Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Pavan Chandra, COO, PeopleWorks and senior management of PeopleWorks represented the PW team. The event was moderated by Mr. Rajesh Athihalli, Founder/ Director, Metis ERC (I) Pvt. Ltd., who lent valuable credence to the synergy of the discussion and evolved diverse perspectives to a consensus on a common understanding of the term “Business Transformation”. The morale that emerged was as follows:

Business Transformation is the evolving strategy of any small or big business to consolidate changes to cope with dynamic market environment. It was also established that any transformation, to be successful, should work on all the three enablers – people, process and technology. There were varied inputs from all participants with regard to the consensus.

What surfaced undoubtedly was the truth that people drive transformation. It is imperative to empower people and hence there is a need to focus sharply on people management. Workforce needs to be nurtured, encouraged, recognised and key drivers for the business need to be identified and trained. PeopleWorks realizes the gap between erstwhile systems and the possibilities of advanced know how. That’s why PeopleWorks has created an end to end HCM solution that can scale with business growth and integrate with legacy software.PeopleWorks’ highly intuitive and technology compliant application designs HRMS into a self service experience for employees.

What could be the enabler for scaling businesses up as the market and need grows? The answer was HR Innovation. And that is done by bridging the gap between manual and legacy work approaches by adapting to expeditious and secure practices of employee lifecycle management. The process is twofold. Firstly, productivity is optimised for creative and ingenious business solutions which can spring forth ideas of immense value. But most importantly, HR gets prized for the value they generate. The administrative onus is replaced by processes that evolve HR as a cogent strategic function of any business.  PeopleWorks ideology supports HR functions to facilitate growth interrupted via capable people management, to drive business transformation for enterprises. PeopleWorks has created an entire product suite to augment online data management resulting in resourceful Human Capital Management.

There was no debate on the fact that innovation was the need of the hour for businesses looking at a metamorphosis. This transfiguration is a genuine requirement as the pace of change is inevitable, and enterprises must work hand in glove with technology to increase visibility as a brand and drive profits. The change can be embraced voluntarily or markets will eventually forceHCM Software Solutions reorganization, and that can be a waste of valuable time. A sound and reliable technology like PeopleWorks’ HCM solutions helps streamline processes to elevate businesses. PeopleWorks is a winning approach for small and medium business enterprises. The PeopleWorks advantage begins by streamlining and automating HCM solutions and eventually makes any business stand tall with enhanced profitability.

The essence and purpose of the event is expressed in a brilliant and effective thought by Barrack Obama, Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”

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