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ATTRACTing the best talent with ease

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attract the best talent

All HR executives & managers are aware of how cumbersome it sometimes gets to even recruit one candidate. Moreover, with Attrition claiming huge chunks of your existing workforce every month, only new recruitments are the essential life-blood of your organisation.

Now this is exactly where the PeopleWorks Attract (Recruitment) module comes in. With expert insights coming from our Subject Matter Experts, we have designed the module to deliver results while bypassing the extra hassles associated with processes like Background Verification.

This module would also modernize your organization’s recruitment process by making it totally electronic. As with all things done digitally, you could also customize certain features of the recruitment process and have ready access to the prospective candidate’s records. The HR workspace feature gives you a clear picture of all the prospective candidates and their individual status.

The Attract module enables HR to shortlist prospective candidates most suitable for the role necessitating the recruitment drive. You can define preset parameters and evaluate candidates based on these parameters. Once the prospective candidates are selected for the role, PeopleWorks facilitates generation of letters of intent, dispatch of offer letters, and tracking of offer acceptance by candidates.
The Attract (Recruitment) module helps the HR in:

  • Assessment – Initial screening of all the prospective candidates
  • Selection – Short listing candidates who exactly meet the job
    role & requirements
  • Issue letter-of-intent – Send LoI’s to shortlisted candidates
    with preset templates
  • Offer letter dispatch – Send final offer letters to candidates with minimum editing to existing templates
  • Acceptance by candidate – Track the final recruitment status of every candidate with action items to facilitate their quick & smooth induction into the workforce.

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