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Are you an Omniscient HR?

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are you an omniscient HR

Moved by your plight of micro-managing every aspect of Human Resource Management, chances are that maybe God has blessed you with His omniscient powers. You know what’s happening inside the employee’s mind even without them saying or writing a word. Well if you are not so lucky, please read on to know how HR technology empowers mortals with such divine powers of communication.

The Gospel of Employee Communication

Employees recognize communication as an indication of their relative value to the organization. So irrespective of whether the communication being compliance-related or company policy updates, they feel the need to know. The urge to respond and have their say is also as strong as their need to know. If such needs are not recognized & met, situations slowly but surely become challenging. You don’t see the dark clouds of employee grievance building up until the storm of attrition hits you in the face. After the storm has passed you are probably alone to rummage your way through the rubble of HR strategy. So what’s your Noah’s Ark?

When God said, “Let there be role based access to information!”

When your HR Policy is based on the practice that “Every employee should know only what they need to know”, your only savior is the Mail Merge option. If your organizational skills are sharpened enough, you would have employee emails neatly sorted into groups. But that too involves shuffling between multiple applications and losing valuable time. You also have to spend considerable time on employee data management to make those email groups and keep them updated. Moreover, your compliance woes are multiplied if some of your employees belong to the category of ‘Oh! I missed that Mail’.

When God said, “Feel thy employee’s pulse!”

If your management values the opinion of each employee, you are burdened with yet another time-consuming activity – Surveys. Now, this is a feature that email application software can’t process. As the purpose of any survey is to gauge popular opinion, it intrinsically involves collating all survey samples and analyzing them manually. If such surveys are paper-based you spend hours decrypting bad handwriting or if they are somehow done with clickable voting buttons on word-processing applications, you spend days translating employee choice into a concrete conclusion.

When mortals bug you for Info

How often have you wasted hours answering redundant employee queries? How often did you wish that by some divine power, a comprehensive and easily accessible information repository was created to answer those stupid questions like ‘What is my Official Medical Insurance policy number?’ or ‘How do I encash my leaves and reimburse my expenses?’ You just keep calm and answer on!

When your Growth Partner is PeopleWorks

All such barriers & challenges strewn across your path to effective employee communication were our starting points to develop an ingenious cloud solution – PeopleWorks, an Employee Lifecycle Management solution. It’s four modules – Attract, Welcome, Nurture & Manage and Separate manage all aspects of an employee’s life from hire to retire. Just like the seven days that God took for Creation, PeopleWorks arms you with seven full-proof solutions to your primary challenges in Employee Communication.

  1. My World portal: The home screen of the PeopleWorks HCM solution where the users can view all the company updates, messages and activities pending their perusal and also have easy access to the most commonly used features like Query Management, Attendance & Compensation.
  2. Broadcast module: Send company updates, messages and notifications to your entire workforce or selected individuals or groups with several word-processing features to beautify and enhance your message visibility.
  3. Survey module: Accurately measure employee opinion with regard to any new ventures or updates which apply to the entire workforce. Make your employees feel the worth of having their say through surveys that can be customized according to your needs and deliver results at the click of a button.
  4. Training module: Monitor employees’ training needs against their role-based requirements with the round-the-clock access to Centralized training information. With even the self-nomination feature every employee is set to grow and achieve more, without supervisory delays in nomination, communication or approval.
  5. Central Information Repository: Keep your workforce well connected with easy access to Employee Contacts with the Employee Directory feature.
  6. Compliance Facilitation & Support: Stay up-to-date with regard to your legal & financial compliance needs, available through the cloud platform. Make e-IT submission, YTD statements, Form 13, ISO Requirements and many such hectic procedures easy for all in your workforce.
  7. Employee engagement features: Share Employee Handbooks & Policies and upload Organizational newsletters to keep your employees truly engaged in their job roles. Make them feel their worth as PeopleWorks takes care of even Birthday wishes for every single member of your workforce.

To know more about PeopleWorks or to request a demo, visit us at or connect through Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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