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A thing or two to learn from the Gentleman’s Game

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a thing or two to learn from Gentleman game


 “If hockey is our national sport, then cricket is our national religion”.

The above wise saying is literally true in its essence in India. We live in a country where the busy roads magically turn empty when there is an Indo-Pak match running on television. Employees feign bad health to be at home and watch the World Cup final or the India- Pakistan matches with friends and family. It is hard to ignore the stranglehold of Cricket in India. Begetting excitement, the sensitivities of Cricket run as the lifeblood of our nation. As per reports, an India- Pakistan match is estimated to attract close to one billion viewers per match. Consequently, the game turns as an adhesive, uniting our countries diverse land of dissimilar beliefs, economic disparities and so on. The game of Cricket, amidst its fervor, shares some learning’s that gives us a lot many enthralling insights about steering an organization effectively with some grappling insights about working efficiently. Find below bird’s eye view of the conclusions:

It’s all about Trust & Teamwork

Satya Nadella, right after he was named CEO of Microsoft, said “I think playing cricket taught me more about working with teams and leadership that has stayed with me throughout my career”. He asserts here the importance of teamwork.  Rightly said, teamwork is quiet essential in an organization as it is important in a game of Cricket. The overall success of an organization and in a team sport is dependent on this imperative factor. The combined effort of a team helps in bringing out the very best in all the team mates.

Team_management (4)

Mutual trust is a vital ingredient in nurturing teamwork amongst employees in an organization. Trust is essentially the foundation of Effective Communication, association as well as motivation in a team.  The survival and success is essentially dependent on trust and teamwork in an organization and in the game of Cricket.

In any organization, putting a simple and efficient talent management solution in place can help employees bridge the work-life gaps. The PeopleWorks talent nurturing solution effectively induces communication and ushers in better-connected workforce, with Broadcast and Connect features. Broadcast and Connect helps to establish a steady momentum of rapport within the organization.

 Taking the Right Call

Like a batsman judging a ball to play a shot, growth of an organization relies heavily on the management’s vision for the organization. With good foresight, management will be able to address the issues that may hamper its growth in the future. Thereby assisting the organization to steer ahead and fuel its growth prospects. Attrition and Retention issues are present in every organization. If an organization pays attention and devices mean to tackle these grave issues, it will pave the way in spurring an organization’s productivity quotient immensely. PeopleWorks Talent Management solution renders 80+ reports at a click of a button. It acts as a ready feeder to help the management take critical business decisions such as attrition management, manpower planning and so on in accordance with the changing business requirements.


To reach the pinnacle of success, it is important that employees, as well as the team members of the Cricket game, have a steady temperament come what may. It is important that the concerns of the employees are heard and an organization maintains an open door policy to raise their respective concerns. The PeopleWorks Query Management feature nurtures a sense of commitment from organizations point of view. Any query raised by an employee can be managed and tracked through this easy to use the module. Supporting the other features of PeopleWorks such as the attendance management, leave management and travel & expense management, the query module eliminates any probable concerns that an employee faces saving the valuable man hours and the sheer disinclination of a particular employee to go to a particular department and raise the concern.

Crossover the mavericks – Simplifying Talent Management

In Cricket, you are out from the match if you do not give a good performance. Like in the game of Cricket, in an organization, if you do not perform well you may be sidelined by a better performer at work. The best team player is handed the torch to lead the team further. Opportunities for growth open their arms only for those who are the best performers. Better performers sow the seeds of growth that will eventually benefit the organization in its endeavors.  The Performance Management and Competency Assessment feature of PeopleWorks make it easy for the employees and the employers alike to identify skill gaps and share optimal feedback to employees, helping them to render better performances. With PeopleWorks, tracking performance gets easy.

Run-out stress and harbinger trust, respect and accountability in your organization with PeopleWorks Talent Management Solution. As an on cloud platform, PeopleWorks is a one-stop solution for all your talent management requirements.

As we too chimed in to pray for Indian Cricket team to make it to finals of ICC Cricket World Cup, the loss to Australia in Semi’s did damper the spirit. Nevertheless we extend our appreciation to the cricket team for their fantabulous performance throughout the cup. Three Cheers to the Indian Cricket Team!


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