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A Paperless office – reality or myth?

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paperless office myth or reality

We all have heard about Information Technology changing the way we use paper at office. It’s been almost a decade since the IT revolution promised a greener world with less paper wastage. Worldwide research by the Citigroup estimates that each sheet of wasted printer paper costs 6 to 13 cents (60 paisa to Rs.1.30 paisa), depending on the amount of ink, toner and recycling effort. Paper also brings in the disadvantages of manual data entry and costly clerical errors, causing the waste of both money and time. Thus it’s high time that enterprises changed their outlook and usage patterns of this seemingly inexpensive office stationery.

How often do you use paper?
Be it a legal document or an important email or just a factsheet to help your presentation, most of us tend to print it. But have you ever thought twice before printing it? Have you ever questioned yourself about the need to print it? As per the Indian Census report tallied with the Paper Production statistics in India, every Indian consumes about 15 kg of paper annually. How much of it do you think is wasted by our hard-working farmers or anyone with a blue-collared job? Majority of paper is wasted in office work.

From the initial recruitment to routine HR tasks like benefits enrollment, attendance recording, payroll processing and compliance activities, paper is used everywhere. Moreover, paper also poses the problem of storage and has to be either faxed or mailed to people who need it.

How to go paperless?
The Digital age has digitized many things from books to official records. However, the cost of digitally managing employee data was initially so high that most SMB’s continued to use paper or upgraded to datasheet processing. With the advent of Cloud technology, Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) have become very affordable. All those forms and documents are stored digitally with ready referencing for future. Moreover to strategize, paper would make you calculate the statistics. HRMS stores, analyses and gives you actionable inputs which serve as the basis for prompt and effective organizational decision making.

PeopleWorks is an HRMS which would help you reduce paper usage & the wastage of valuable time & money in dealing with the problems associated with paper-based Employee Lifecycle Management. With low initial investments as compared to On-premise HRMS, our cloud solution is offered through a per user per month subscription. Like other HRMS/HRIS vendors we don’t claim that our solution would help your enterprise go paperless in a day. But we ensure that by using PeopleWorks our clients are no longer turned into paupers due to inappropriate use of paper.

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