Gearing up for 2019

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Gearing up for 2019 - peopleworks


How technology is assisting in evolving the hiring process in HR
The hiring process isn’t about manually sifting through hundreds of resumes after sending out a general ad anymore. It’s far more targeted and far more technological..

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HR Challenges

Education industry adopting new generation expansion
With a growing number of educational institutions, along with size to accommodate huge student entries every year. Managing multiple facilities for students is one of the few challenges which institutions face in this evolving time.

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HR News

How to help in better decision
making with HR insights. 

The profound impact of digital technology on Human Resources (HR) has positioned themselves to be pulled out of the back office and designated as a strategic people operating who drive decision-making, which can make business growth in the future..

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HR Trends

Productivity with HR & Flow of work
Microtrends are driving changes in the HR technology landscape, the way we work, and particularly, the changes in how organizations are being managed. The world of HR and HR tech is undergoing a significant shift..

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