BUZZWORKS – Feb 2019

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What is trending

HRM technology will soon be a billion dollar industry

Well-researched papers, online sources, and other major references reveal interesting information that HR technology which is revolutionizing this digital world will enter into the billion-dollar club even before 2025…

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Managers can win employees heart through frequent interactions

Employees working in an organization play several important roles and business will come to complete halt when employees stop working due to prejudice, quarrel or such other problems…

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Employees are showing new kind of aspiration

Employees these days are showing maximum interest to improve their talents, skills, and intelligence and are in search of companies which can motivate and bring out the best of them…

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HR Challenges

Hr department will have to face lots of challenges this year since the expectations of the employees working in an organization are increasing. Employees are concerned about equal rights, sexual problems, health, insurance, working environment and so and so forth and managers are facing maximum difficulties in satisfying their desires.

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