The Advantages of a Self-Service System for Employees

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Self-Service System for Employees

HR departments are constantly seeking ways to increase efficiency and accuracy, such as minimising paperwork, consolidating employee data, and handling payroll and benefits.


Employee Self–Service (ESS) technologies can help in this purpose as Employee Self-Service is a web-based programme that allows employees to view and modify their HR, payroll, and benefits information. The employee side of a more extensive Human Resource Management System also gives managers centralised access to all payroll, HR, and benefits data.


Following are the advantages of Self-Service System for Employees:


Ensure employee records are up to date.

An employee self-service assists HR managers in arranging paperwork under control by enabling employees to update their personal information. An employee self-service module can generate reports that show the status of employees’ data completion. As a result, you’ll be able to remind employees to complete their personal information.


Avoid wasting time fixing mistakes.

Fixing mistakes takes time with paper-based systems and stuffed mailboxes, but a single central platform, like the ESS module of PeopleWorks HR software, will save you time by allowing you to make adjustments fast and efficiently. There’s no need to waste time reprinting documents or retrieving emails as the information you require is centralised in a single system with an ESS.


Benefit Management

Routine benefits administration takes up a lot of time for HR professionals or management in organisations. All employee benefits information, including employer and employee contributions, coverage details, and payment history, may be tracked and monitored using our PeopleWorks HR software.


Employees can also keep track of their benefits and retirement savings plan participation, eligibility, and statements and can view, enrol in various benefit plans, including dental and vision insurance, health savings accounts, and flexible spending accounts, during Open Enrollment periods. There will be no more scouring the internet for information or answering questions that employees could readily find on their own.


Information transparency

Employees can check the authenticity of information stored on the ESS portal at any time; by viewing documents about benefits, safety procedures, salary revisions, grievances, and other corporate policies whenever they wish. Additionally, all employees have easy access to information on their leave balances and attendance records. They don’t have to waste time following up on email threads or bombarding the HR department with questions.


Time and Attendance

Time and attendance are rapidly being recognised as more than just a way to keep track of employee hours and stay in compliance with pay and hour laws. Employees can track their own attendance and verify their hours for payroll processing using information available through ESS. Employees can seek corrections if there is a mistake. When supervisors approve the request, the system changes the attendance data automatically.


The system can display time and attendance data in real-time, allow users to punch in and out from anywhere, and alert management when employees work extra or change their attendance routines, thanks to data collected through our ESS portals. Employees can see their work schedules, time cards, and vacation requests by logging in.


Access data anytime, from anywhere

Your staff will be able to access what they need in the office or working remotely- At any time, from any location, using any device.


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