Empower Employees To Increase Productivity Through Employee Self Service Portal

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Employee Self Service Portal

Running HR operations manually is more exhausting and time-consuming than ever before as the global workforce becomes more varied and dynamic. Employees and HR departments both lose time and productivity when they go to their HR managers for every little clarification.

Starting with a tool that can help employees do their jobs better should be the primary focus of all organizations. Unlike the organization’s HRs, the tool does not have a day off because it operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The transaction’s cost is significantly reduced due to automation; Employee Self-Service (ESS), a popular feature of HR software, where employees may track and manage their own actions with ESS instead of relying on HR for everything.

Employee self-service portals empower employees by allowing them to take control of various administrative responsibilities. Employee confidence is boosted by the accountability component, enhancing their bond with the organization. In the long run, a rise in the number of empowered people in a company helps the company’s productivity and growth.

Let’s see how the PeopleWorks Employee Self-service portal empowers employees to increase productivity:

Improves efficiency

Employees can utilize ESS portals to track their working hours and request time off on a single platform and no longer need to send emails to several people to leave requests. In addition, the HR team does not have to track down every employee in the company to get information as employees and HR professionals may spend less time on monotonous administrative duties and more time on human capital development with an ESS portal.

Ensures greater transparency

Employees may access all critical papers, such as corporate policies, safety procedures, insurance paperwork, annual tax returns, and more, at any time and from any location. All employees have access to any announcements made by management or the HR department, ensuring that everyone is on the same page. Employees will feel more valued in your organization due to this transparency, which builds trust.

Increases employee satisfaction 

ESS portals give a single platform for colleagues to discuss their ideas and collaborate on a project’s execution and also includes an employee contact directory and a calendar for birthdays, work anniversaries, and other essential employee milestones. Employees can socialize with one another in this way, enhancing the atmosphere of togetherness; Hence, when social interaction between bosses and employees increases, employees feel more engaged and contribute more.

Leads to improved security

Because data is stored online and password-protected, ESS delivers the highest level of data confidentiality. Employees can only access an ESS portal if they have been given permission. Non-authorized users cannot access employee data, and in case employee information is kept on paper, data theft and misuse are a considerable danger.

Instead of waiting for HR to respond, employees can use the ESS portal to track their own activities. ESS also gives consumers more control over their knowledge, allowing them to make their own judgments and allowing employees to update their own information without having to rely on others. Your employees may readily access other vital HR information, such as sick days, time off balances, and attendance hours, giving them more clarity and the ability to plan and this promotes morale and motivation by making people feel trusted.

With a self-service portal, your employees may keep track of their own actions. Your staff may easily control everything from attendance to time off because all of the information is kept in one place. Employees may set up their profiles, request time off, log time spent on projects, access critical information, and more with the PeopleWorks employee self-service portal.

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