5 Features That Can Help You Identify the Right Software For Core HR Functions

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Core HR Functions - Peopleworks

HR software will improve the way your business department runs; that’s why many HR leaders have switched from spreadsheets to HR software. It’s time to say goodbye to finicky and inconvenient spreadsheets that take hours to manage and don’t provide you with the required information. You spend roughly a third of your life at work; upgrade to HR software to make it a more pleasant experience.


You’ve heard of software for HR but aren’t sure what it is or whether it’s worth investing in. Continue reading to discover the core HR functions that will work best for your company.


Recruitment Management

The cornerstone of an organization’s success is attracting, hiring, and retaining the right individuals quickly and efficiently. Building long-term relationships with future and present employees are the only way to ensure successful recruitment. Not only can an adequate candidate tracking system speed traditional recruitment activities, but it can also make talent relationship management more effortless.


Employee self-service portal

Employees should submit their time-off requests digitally because it is both more accessible and more accurate, and they should be responsible for updating personal information as needed. Your core HR software’s employee self-service feature aids in the creation of a great employee experience while also relieving the HR team of time-consuming activities.


Performance management

A performance management module monitors and measures the performance of employees on a regular and measurable basis. It allows the company to ensure that employees and departments at all levels of the organization are cooperating to achieve its strategic goals. It frees up line managers and HR teams to focus on more value-added aspects of the process, such as coaching, assisting, and training employees, rather than manual performance appraisal administration.


HR Analytics

The importance of HR analytics has never been greater; with so many changes taking place in the workplace, you must comprehend your employees to meet their demands. You can utilize HR analytics to figure out what’s causing chronic organizational challenges and why things are happening the way they are. With an HR analytics system, you should understand hiring trends, employee headcount, growth rate, attendance trends, leave, performance trends, project status, and training trends; with this information, you can quickly improve your HR initiatives.


Compliance Management

The importance of compliance in HR management cannot be overstated, as failure to comply with applicable rules and regulations may result in legal action and severe penalties. HR software handles all HR activities; it’s critical to choose a system that can assist you in navigating compliance issues. In terms of compliance management, here’s what you can anticipate from your HR software:

  • Employee data is more secure as a result of this.
  • Ensures that all labour and employment laws in the region where you operate are followed.
  • All personnel data is stored in a centralized location.


Many HR duties have been made easier by automation and improved technology; PeopleWorks online HR software can efficiently manage various fundamental HR functions as we are a popular and highly-rated HR solution for all kinds of enterprises. Investing in PeopleWorks HR software is beneficial for automating your business HR operations and reducing time spent on manual HR tasks.

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