Retaining the newly recruited employees is becoming major challenge for the growing organizations. Around 57% of companies see employee retention as one of the biggest problems and 80% of employers feel that employees working in their firms will not stay for a long run. Recruiters are of the opinion that 22% will exit from their organization when they get better job prospects, 11% due to management behaviour, 10% due to compensation and benefits and 8% due to well-being. Interestingly, 15% of employees showcase interest to continue in their existing organization when employers’ use HCM software.

Companies which are showing profits and growth in the recent years can see bright future when they start implementing PeopleWorks HCM which comes with incredible hr modules and amazing features. It is believed that HCM software can improve employee retention by 58% and start-up companies which manage small as well as big team of workers are showing interest to implement HCM immediately.  HCM is a user and mobile friendly software which improves employer-employee relationship and strengthens their official bondage to a great extent.

Small and medium sized firms which are seeing fast paced growth in the recent years consider PeopleWorks HCM software as an indispensable asset since it simplifies, digitizes, systematize and streamline entire human resource operations. HR department indulge in lots of complex official activities throughout the year like recruitment, on-boarding, training, monitoring and evaluation of employees’ day-today functions. Recruitment executives that handle complicated duties like selection, recruitment and training processes can organize their works properly and take strategic decisions immediately when they start using PeopleWorks HCM which comes with advanced Hr modules.

Employers that implement HCM can systematically bring HR related activities under one-roof and automate the workflow instantly. Employees working in an organization will work gratuitously during and after business hours only when employers treats them fairly without prejudice. Small, medium and large-sized companies which manages large workforce can see positive changes in the mindsets of the new and existing employees when they use PeopleWorks HCM.

Extract analytic and other reports instantly

Employers can track the movement and monitor the day-today activities of employees when organizations implement PeopleWorks HCM which comes with world class Hr modules. Customers that implement HCM software can get reliable and genuine support round the clock from technical and client management team. Head of the department, COO and CEOs can take multiple reports that are related to hr activities when they use HCM immediately after implementation. They can also exercise better control over HR expenses and empower workforce immediately with the help of HCM software. Hr professionals can take reports like graphs, charts, analytics and comparison reports quickly when they use HCM.

HR executives can feed the employee data from remote places using mobile devices and submit various reports immediately to their higher-ups. It is imperative to note PeopleWorks HCM software which comes with improvised features and innovative technology will help the HR executives during work allotment and scheduling, time tracking, attendance management, learning and payroll management. Employers can penalize employees that are detrimental to the interests of employers’ and organization and also promote employees that have toiled day and night round the clock when they implement HCM software in their industry.