December 2017

Talent Analytics Drives Organizational Efficiency

CEOs want more data on talent management and are willing to increase investments in HR data and analytics. Organizations that use talent data effectively have reported a boost in employee performance, employee engagement, and gross profit margin. For any organization,… Continue Reading →

How HR Tech is likely to evolve in 2018

Deloitte’s HR Tech Disruptions for 2018, talks about the various trends that are likely to transform the landscape. We present a brief overview of these trends and what it means for Indian HR & HR Tech users and solution providers…. Continue Reading →

Chat Bots Hype Vs Reality

One of the growing trends in the technology space in general and HR technology in particular is the increasing use of Chatbots in various HR functions. The probability that you might be interacting with a bot while being hired or… Continue Reading →


Not many HR managers wield the power to influence their company’s policies and strategic business growth. In most cases, they are out of the picture when discussions touch on markets, products and consumers. The role of HR teams is often… Continue Reading →

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