August 2017

Why leave & Attendance is the key in your HR Technology

If you run a business, after capital the next important resource required is people. It’s not surprising then, capturing and monitoring attendance of employees in order to pay them the monthly wages is a fundamental process in all businesses. As… Continue Reading →

Digital Shift Roasters – What to look for in a digital system

We have been working in pre defined shifts since the advent of industrial age. As the industrial activities grew, practices from manufacturing have now also found space in other industries like hospitality, healthcare, ITES, Retail and Education. One of the… Continue Reading →

The role of Employee Self Service tool in HR

Employees across various industries rely highly on the HRs for any kind of permissions or queries. HRs are constantly being tested to provide employee service quickly because of advances in technology. Organizations have taken a step towards easing HR’s tasks… Continue Reading →

Go beyond perks and tips to engage your workforce

Organizations usually reward employees by providing them with benefits such as small perks, incentives or promotions. These are for sure some of the best practices taken by organizations to ensure that the workforce is content. Sometimes, workforce retention can be… Continue Reading →

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