Leave management is the process where employees request for leave and wait for the approval/denial of the same. In most organizations, it is the HR department that deal with the leave management process

This process can be a very complex one for HRs because they need to keep track of the leave application patterns, employee leave balance and leave request frequency.
And the bigger the organization grows, tracking this data for all employees becomes a task in itself.

Another complexity of leave management is extension of leave for those employees already on leave.
When an employee takes leave, the HR or the organization must allocate and compensate for the employee’s absence.
But in the case of extended leave, it becomes a burden on the organization to find a temporary replacement for the employee.

Leave management can also be a very important factor which enables an organization to focus on employee growth in terms of the work hours invested.

In these cases, HRM tool can be a great advantage for the organization because it can automate the process of leave management.
HRM can consolidate the entire database of the organization and keep it secure. Using a cloud based software for leave management can make the work of HRs easier and an added bonus is that it’s just a click away.

The software can also help to keep a track of the available leave balances and also ensure that the right amount of leaves are credited to employees. The leave letters are automated and stored on cloud so this eliminates the hassle of storing stacks of data on paper.

The tool can also help the HR to process accurate payslips at ease. By keeping the process and the tool, cloud based, there exists transparency between various verticals of the organization and this keeps the entire process employee-friendly.