It was a chanced meeting that went insightful when we met a senior HR Manager from a leading IT firm. He was huffed and puffed over a dilemma that we believe is commonplace. The HR fraternity fights for the right to being acknowledged as an equal partner to business growth, but fails to articulate the point aptly.

Think about it, Sales shows revenue numbers, Operations shows efficiency, Marketing shows ROI on spends, R&D shows innovation, so on and so forth. What does HR show?

As we pondered and wondered how to pacify the huffed colleague, we had to articulate that all of it can be shown by HR!

And what should HR do to negotiate such a tall claim? Velocity! Yes, strategize, implement and sustain velocity to their function. It is what leads to business growth; it is what earns that so desired respect!

But, before we get into velocity, let us understand something. Do you describe the HR department as Human Resource Management? Herein lies the basic problem – organizations look at their employees as resources to be used. In a business environment that is fast moving knowledge-based, people play a crucial role – in fact, the Centre-stone to the very existence of businesses. They are assets, not resources, to be nurtured and developed to participate in this growth!

Welcome to Human Capital Management!

The big shift from ‘managing resources’ to ‘growing capital’ is imminent. HR teams have a bigger task on hand of finding innovative ways to develop employees to directly contribute to growth. Which further means that all those mundane task such as Payroll, Administration, Attendance, Query handling, Training, Transfers, etc., should not take up time! So step one would be to find better ways to manage them.

What you need is thrust to leap-frog from status quo to a whole new level, a certain velocity in the desired orbit. And, velocity needs direction! So it is actually a race against time.

It is not easy, you may say! But who said it will be? Anything new, leading to change never is. Ask your colleagues in Sales, Marketing or Product development. Fighting the existing complacency is the biggest fight. But in the end, it will always be worth it!

Here are 5 quick ways for HR to be on top of the game:Velocity_Blog_post_v2

  • Take control – It is time Human Capital Managers lead from the front. Set the direction for people development in consultation with other departments. Create an HCM roadmap.
  • Prioritize – Remember to put yourself into things that require your intelligence, not your time. Delegate and monitor progress.
  • Automate, Automate, AutomateHCM Automation is the next biggest thing you will see in this growth story. Prepare for it. Automate everything that can be automated. It frees your time.
  • Measure progress – Stay on top of the game by regularly reviewing HCM progress. Review, Re-calibrate and Recharge focus.
  • Share the success – At every stage share the successes of every small milestone with employees, management and other departments. Inclusion and participation are the biggest success contributors in business growth.

We strongly recommend that Human Capital Managers stay abreast of the evolving employee management methods adopted by other companies in the changing economic shift that we see in the business landscape today. Times are a changing, and it is imperative that you keep pace and adapt. A small start today can lead to a big impact tomorrow!

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