February 2014

Optimising Recruitment for an Evergreen Future

The Proof Is In the Pudding Hiring is a serious business for companies and it goes without saying that an employer must be doubly careful before hiring. Recruiting a candidate is profitable only when it is the right choice. Hence,… Continue Reading →

Does Familiarity Always Breed Contempt?

 Not always. Familiarity breeds comfort in the case of User Interface (UI). An interface being intuitive is a greatly spoken aspect of Interface Design, and designers strive hard to get there. What does intuitive really connote? It just means “I… Continue Reading →

Measure | Determine | Predict Work Excellence Through Competency Assessment

Can We Define and Measure Work Excellence? Every organization has a unique business goal and hence a variable yardstick for measuring excellence. This quantifiable assessment yields evaluation and criteria for training and improvement and at times input for role enhancement…. Continue Reading →

Life In The Fast Lane

Always On The Road The spread of globalization has transformed worldwide travel from a rare luxury into a frequent norm. T&E management is a major focus area for companies, especially in view of the recent economic downturn and increasingly strict regulation on… Continue Reading →

Changing Hands – Employee Transfer Simplified

  Up In The Air In today’s corporate world, it is simply imperative at times to juggle around with talent. Sometimes management might require capitalising on the versatility of their employees and hence change is inevitable. Employee transfer is essentially… Continue Reading →

The Candy or Nirvana?

Is Happiness Really Enough? Some old adages are proving to be not so close to the truth. The aphorism, “A Happy Employee Is Productive” is losing its allure in the multi-optional world of today. Sure, there are numerous ways to… Continue Reading →

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