December 2013

Why trust the Cloud to wash away your Data Security worries?

The 2013 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report revealed more than 47,000 security issues across 27 countries of the world with 621 confirmed data breaches this year alone. In fact, only 38% of the victims were larger organizations and the rest… Continue Reading →

While choosing an HRMS, how valuable is your CTO/CIO’s opinion?

Technology has surely changed and is still changing our perception of the term ‘Human Resource Management’ as enterprises around the globe successfully adopt Human Resource Information Systems. However while choosing a HRIS or HRMS (Human Resource Management System) the decision… Continue Reading →

Why process Payroll with the PeopleWorks Advantage?

Be it a passionate salesman or an ambitious accountant, at the month end all professionals need money to support their living. Thus Payroll is arguably one of the most important processes for an employer. Even concepts like Employee Engagement, Motivation… Continue Reading →

Why automate Attendance/Leave Management?

For any business enterprise, the cost of absenteeism may sometimes exceed the cost of wages and benefits paid for during the absence. This is due to the indirect costs of re-staffing, rescheduling, re-training, lost productivity and diminished moral. The direct… Continue Reading →

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