September 2013

Employee Satisfaction & Employer’s Vision: It’s all in the metrics

Be it employee satisfaction, absenteeism, employee turnover, employee productivity, organizational performance or any of the multiple HR metrics used, all are connected and interdependent. For example, if we use those same HR metrics we can easily see the simple logic… Continue Reading →

The 5 signs of an HRMS turning Grey

The strategic challenge with 3rd world emergent economies like India is that most of the global technological or commercial trends do not start here. We are rather happy to follow them or join the bandwagon and only reap the benefits…. Continue Reading →

Managing the Mobile Workforce

Cut-throat competition in today’s business scenario and modern technology has transformed the way businesses leveraged their Human Capital. Most essentially it has decentralized the term office as many employees are nowadays working from remote offices located where they need it… Continue Reading →

Employees don’t quit their Companies, they quit their Bosses

A Gallup poll of more than 1 million employed U.S. workers concluded that the main reason behind people quitting their jobs is a bad boss or immediate supervisor. Back in India, things are quite similar with one in every four… Continue Reading →

A Paperless office – reality or myth?

We all have heard about Information Technology changing the way we use paper at office. It’s been almost a decade since the IT revolution promised a greener world with less paper wastage. Worldwide research by the Citigroup estimates that each… Continue Reading →

Leave Management – The Manager’s horns of dilemma

Even at school we knew that too much work makes Jack a dull boy. At office, however the equation changed. Leaves became a dreaded term. The problems compounded if you were responsible for the productivity of a team of individuals… Continue Reading →

Managing Queries without any worries

According to a Hay Group study covering 700 million employees in 19 countries, Attrition rate in India is expected to reach 26.9% in 2013. With 55% of the Indian respondents being unhappy about how their compensation related queries are answered… Continue Reading →

Implementing the HR Revolution

Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) are becoming standard for successful businesses worldwide to survive today’s competitive business environment. However, in many cases there is a great disparity between the promises made by the HRMS vendor and what’s delivered. If not… Continue Reading →

Reporting the metrics of Growth

Competition leads to cost cutting or resource optimization. Practical examples prove that such optimization or re-alignment is the result of careful strategy. However, before strategizing for your business have you ever considered measuring your Human Capital? In business, there’s a… Continue Reading →

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