August 2013

Technology to transform HR – PeopleWorks HRMS

The impact of technology on Human Resource Management was limited to using only a few application softwares of the Microsoft Office package. However with the advent of cost-cutting and productivity management, businesses are now being optimized to better utilize their… Continue Reading →

Understanding & implementing Employee Self Service to transform HR

There is an age old proverb saying “Self-help is the best help”. Taking the idea forward and applying it in the field of Human Resource Management, we arrive at the concept of Employee Self Service (ESS). The concept is as… Continue Reading →

SEPARATE with mediocrity to embrace growth

Separations are always difficult. Some are even bitter. However, if you belong to the HR department, you are aware of how cumbersome it often gets. Even when you put yourself in the shoes of an employee who is moving on… Continue Reading →

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