July 2013

NURTURE & MANAGE the best talent with ease

Starting anything new has a certain degree of difficulty associated. However, taking that new start forward and making it a success, is what matters more and is even more difficult than the initial start. Likewise, HR professionals all around the… Continue Reading →

WELCOME the best talent with ease

When an employee joins his/her official duties on the first day, they form their first impression on their employer. More often than usual, the candidate’s first day at office is very confusing and hectic as most of the things needed… Continue Reading →

ATTRACTing the best talent with ease

All HR executives & managers are aware of how cumbersome it sometimes gets to even recruit one candidate. Moreover, with Attrition claiming huge chunks of your existing workforce every month, only new recruitments are the essential life-blood of your organisation…. Continue Reading →

PeopleWorks – the building blocks of Growth Uninterrupted

HR Lifecycle Management has been a great challenge for organizations. It is no more limited to payroll processing as in earlier days but spreads across the gambit of selection, assimilating new employees, company policies and procedures, employee nurturing and performance… Continue Reading →

Why PeopleWorks?

If any organization wants to automate their day-to-day HR activities & functions, there are many choices available from expensive ERP based setups or software automating anything from Attendance to Payroll. However there is not a single Human Resource Information System… Continue Reading →

What makes a Human Resource Management System –UNIQUE?

In today’s competitive world, automation is revolutionizing businesses. Human Resource being the most important asset of any organization is also being transformed by such trends of modernization. Every organization wants to maximize the productivity of its Human Resource in order… Continue Reading →

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