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Our advanced HR modules is systematically digitized and does streamline entire human resource operation

Peopleworks cloud computing HCM software is designed and developed using cutting edge technology which will ease the complex and challenging function of HR executives.


How Peopleworks provide solutions to those who face challenges?

HR Task Management

Challenges - Managing different HR tasks with different software.
Solutions - Single HCM platform for all HR tasks.

Value time & cost

Challenges -HR Management takes up a lot of your time and cost.
Solutions - Reduces HR time and cost.

Convenience of location

Challenges -Difficulty in managing employees across multiple locations.
Solutions- Easy management of employees across different locations.

HR Compliances

Challenges -Having a tough time keeping up with complex HR compliances.
Solutions - Regular compliances updates in-built in the system.



PeopleWorks is a technology company offering an immensely successful flagship solution – PeopleWorks HCM in the Human Capital Management Automation segment. Headquartered in Bengaluru, other branches are located at Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi (NCR), PeopleWorks is the coming together of excellence in HR Management, Technology, and Business Growth.

Armed with in-depth experience in HR Management and Market Leadership in payroll solutions for over a decade, our large customer base is a testimony to the benchmark we have set in the industry.

PeopleWorks HCM solution is a truly global
tool covering the entire HR function, right
from hire to retire.

PeopleWorks is led by an enviable pedigree of visionary leadership, supported by an innovative HR technology team and driven by a robust customer service philosophy.Our HCM Solution was born out of a single vision of enabling businesses (both large and small), with a simple and relevant Human Capital Management Solution. The objective is to support the people management function in organizations, so that employees can emerge as an inspired workforce for collaborative business success.

Peopleworks HCM advantages play the most important role: New age UX design that ensures PeopleWorks HCM is very simple to use. The speed of implementation is as fast as 30 days for a 1000 employee organization. Modular Configurability eliminates the need for customization Customer delight team works continuously to enhance your user experience Robust technology ensures high levels of data encryption. Modern IT infrastructure facilitates multi-layered server security easy Integration with a host of related applications.

We are ready to take big HR challenges



managed on our HCM



Using our Product



Working to delight you



hub for operations



Using our Product



Using our Product

Array of global awards

We have won several national and international awards in the past and will several more in the near future.


Team building and mapping is systematized

Our team will support the customers in a professional and friendly manner and understand their wants and desires before giving shape to HCM strategies.

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