Hire to Retire Online HRMS covering Recruitment till Exit


Innovative & Scalable HRMS For Growing Businesses


A Victory That Makes PeopleWoks HRMS One Of The Best HR Software In India.


Hire to Retire Online HRMS covering Recruitment till Exit


Innovative & Scalable HRMS For Growing Businesses


A Victory That Makes PeopleWoks HRMS One Of The Best HR Software In India.


Does your business require our advanced HCM solutions?

Recruitment & E-Onboarding

Recruitment is the First impression from your organisation to potential candidates. Deliver the best of it from PeopleWorks Online HRMS. It intelligently manages, tracks and monitors critical HR Functions:

Manpower Resource Planning

Plan workforce allocation and limit the budget for positions, and set rules for an exception. PeopleWorks MRP helps you to organize your entire workforce budget.


Forget exhaustive recruitment procedures and welcome an accessible and modern recruitment channel with PeopleWorks HRMS.
Whether managing requisitions & interviews workflows, uploading bulk resumes and candidate information or systematic E-interview management, PeopleWorks HRMS does it all.

E -Onboarding

Electronic Onboarding is the new norm, and we are the masters in this space.
Greet Your Candidates With Attractive Offer/Appointment Letters. Get e-acknowledgement to complete the Recruitment process faster.
Quickly collect all essential documents online and conveniently manage background verifications through your vendor.


Core HR Functions

Core HR functions comprise responsible leave, attendance, employee database and workflow management.
PeopleWorks HRMS solutions guarantee significant employee information generation in a single click.

Leave Management

Leaves are the fundamental right of every employee, and employers must keep leaves easily accessible for employees.
PeopleWorks Leave Management System helps organizations design their workflows and hierarchy based on leaves and enables you to organize leave management while seamlessly integrating with payroll systems.

Attendance Management

PeopleWorks lets you choose from varied Attendance Management Solutions.
Mark Attendance within the software or integrate with any machine. We solve your complex attendance solution.
Geo-Attendance is a fantastic and straightforward way of employee attendance management.
Geo-Attendance is a contactless Attendance management system that empowers employees to mark attendance without physical contact with other machines.
Geo-Attendance also provides you employee location for your reference.
Geo-Fencing allows employees Walkin-Walkout via their registered mobile phones, and we take care of their Attendance Geo-Tracking
Via Enabling the on-field workforce that marks attendance on the Go, managers can view employees’ location through this unique location tracking attendance system.

Employee Database Management

Efficient management of employee database and workflow. A centrally located database stores crucial employee information like Employment details, Previous employment, family, insurance and medical records. Track and manage company assets given to employees, manage Covid infection details, vaccination more.
Automates workflow centric Probation To Confirmation Processes, organizes transfer processes and checklists.
Employees can independently update and edit transactional details like the latest Address, family members for HR to approve to move to Employment records and more.
Quickly Sync Joining formality documents to Employee Database and manage document repository.

Core HR

Payroll, Compliances & Expenses

Robust single click payroll management comprises creating customized salary structures, configuring payroll groups, automated payroll calculation, an intelligent configuration of Flexi benefit plans, track loans, etc., along with arrears and OT calculation.

The Payroll module is scalable and adheres to all statutory compliances, be it Income Tax Act, various Reports and Challans, automating the PF, ESI, PT and LWF as per regulations and automating bonus and gratuity calculations along with streamlining employee travel and expenses functions.

PeopleWorks organizes and manages out of pocket expenses efficiently. It enables employees to plan and budget their expenses before taking a trip and helps employers set limits for each spend type. There is always room for a unique workflow.


Productivity Management

Performance Management 

Productivity is What PeopleWoks Online HRMS solutions focus on. The HR team can Create and set workflow-based Performance Templates, Customize KRA and KPI based on roles and responsibilities, Asses employees` Monthly, Quarterly. Half-yearly and Yearly,

Training Management

Design and manage training programs. Help Employees to get nominated and trained. Increase organization learning curve mechanism and enroll the needy to grow.

Timesheet Management

Track your project workflow, enable a project-based timesheet. Evaluate Daily work and automate approval workflow—accurate yet straightforward way to track employees productivity.


Communication & Engagement

PeopleWorks online HRMS solutions optimize employee satisfaction and engagement rates via its multiple communication and engagement module features like Employee Rewards and recognition, focussed mass communication management via automated broadcast and surveys, the quick generation of deceleration agreements configuring tracking reprimand policies.

PeopleWorks enables transparent communication between employer and employee. Employers can communicate to employees via

Broadcast – a channel to communicate and notify employees on the latest developments and share news.
A ticker to circulate achievements and wishes.
Survey for Employees to optimize the process and collect feedback on the process


Separation & Ex-Employee Portal

PeopleWorks believes in a respectful exit for employees. Their previous experience is equally important as the first. We enhance the experience by an organized workflow-based exit process.


Design Workflow based separation process
Add workflow to get No Objection Certificate from respective department
Add workflow for the manager to get Knowledge transfer
Track and recover company assets

Ex-Employee Portal

Allow employees to access portal for post last day documentation
Upload Experience certificate and Relieving letter for easy access for Ex-Employee.
Define timeline to access system and block accordingly


Why Peopleworks

Streamline Your Work Ecosystem With End to End A Centralised HR Solution


An End to End Centralized HR Solution

PeopleWorks HRMS intelligently automates all HR processes beginning from Hire to Retirement. Due to automation limitations, you no longer have to worry about tedious, repetitive tasks. With an intelligently backed cloud-based HRMS, your HR team can seamlessly align organizational and employee goals. A modern era demands modern HRMS software, and PeopleWorks HRMS software offers just that.


Speedy Implementation & Customised Set-Up

We provide you with a domain experienced professional who helps your organization bridge PeopleWorks setup to your process and policies. We specialize in automating the HR operations of all significant industries across India. PeopleWorks HRMS adheres to all statutory HR compliances and reinvents itself as per changing HR policies. Implement HR policies like never before With the PeopleWorks HRMS.

Employee management - Peopleworks

First-Class Customer

First-class customer support ensures smooth adoption of the new HRMS into organizational workings. An excellent and experienced team of customer support experts who believe in a proactive approach and understand your queries and doubts before offering practical solutions. With a dedicated customer support team, all our clients’ needs and doubts are addressed promptly with around the clock assistance throughout the year!



The world is changing, and organizations’ HR needs and goals are. Our PeopleWorks HRMS software represents innovation scalability and entails futuristic HR solutions that simplify the ever-growing diverse needs of today’s dynamic businesses and organizations. Customized per your organizational needs, get ready to Fastrack and automate your HR operations with our futuristic and modern HR solutions





Hear Our Clients

Innovation is a driving philosophy at PeopleWorks

Congratulation to the team at PeopleWorks for your wonderful job and services. PeopleWorks has been an All-in-one HR system. Their interconnected experience has helped us streamline the entire HR process at a click.

Mr. Balamurugan

PeopleWorks surprised us with their thorough understanding of our requirements and the implementation of the tool. We were particularly impressed with the Payroll module - a unique function that allows us to generate payroll anytime of the month.

Ms. S. Ganga

Weir Minerals (India) Pvt. Ltd. is using PeopleWorks solution since 2012. In addition to their timely customer service, we have to appreciate their technical skills and expertise which helped us to sort some of the payroll issues and automate few processes. PeopleWorks platform is easy to use and gives freedom to employees to manage their tasks with ease (Personal Data, IT Declaration, & Other Payroll Related). PeopleWorks provides payroll team with the flexibility to process the payroll activities anytime in the month which has enabled in reducing errors, increase productivity, improve employee connect and decrease paper consumption. We would recommend PeopleWorks solution to companies that aspires for a stress free solution to manage their payroll.


Prior to PeopleWorks our HR processes were dispersed and manually serviced, it was really difficult to manage. But now we have put strategies in place and automated all our processes thanks to PeopleWorks.

Kalpana Srinivas

PeopleWorks has been a responsive, flexible, and collaborative partner. Ever since we implemented their solution, participation and satisfaction level of our employee engagement has increased.

Rajani Tripathi

“Our association with PeopleWorks for PMS and e-separation modules have given us an overwhelming experience. We really appreciate them for providing us customized solutions as per our need and their team’s prompt support as and when required is highly commendable. We highly recommend PeopleWorks HCM solutions to all prospective organizations and we look forward to a long-term business association with them.”

Hemant Pawar

Our Credibility!

With Enough data, the number speak for themselves













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    Of course, HR software in India relieves a great deal of tension and anxiety for business owners and HR professionals, so it's typically worthwhile to invest in it.
    People Works is one of the best HR software companies in India.
    "HRMS payroll software can be tailored to any business. You may use the payroll management system to create paychecks for all of your employees rapidly. All necessary computations, such as taxes and allowances/benefits, are also included in these bills. Easy steps to process payroll / Hacks for an error-free payroll process The payroll process includes the following steps: 1. Make a note of your company's identification number. 2. Gather pertinent tax information from employees. (applications for jobs, deductions, wage garnishments, etc.) 3. Establishing a salary schedule 4. Make any necessary deductions 5. Calculate net pay and gross pay 6. Pay your employees"
    Cloud HR software describes human resources management software systems hosted in a Cloud-computing environment and provided as an online service to customers. Cloud HR software eliminates the need for any additional hardware or software or an IT person to set up and manage things. The setup is quick and costs saving. Easy steps to process payroll / Hacks for error-free payroll process The payroll process includes the following steps: 1. Make a note of your company's identification number. 2. Gather pertinent tax information from employees. (applications for jobs, deductions, wage garnishments, etc.) 3. Establishing a salary schedule 4. Make any necessary deductions 5. Calculate net pay and gross pay 6. Pay your employees"
    HCM software for HR is ideal as it is built and developed with cutting-edge technologies to make HR executives' complex and challenging jobs easier.
    HR software helps you save time by automating routine tasks like holiday allowance, absence tracking, and training. It can also aid in the streamlining of operations to improve overall productivity and job management.
    "Employee Database in One Place Financial Management Self-service for employee"